How Pets Benefit Elderly?

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Having a grandma or a grandpa is a boon for kids and so is it for their parents as well. Elderly people are the most erudite souls that can enlighten us with the immense knowledge learned through their life experiences. But sadly, they are also the most lonely and overlooked people too. They stay alone or feel isolated even if they live in elderly homage. In their twilight years, they covet a companion that can make them feel elated and worthy. Pets thus make for an incredible friend and a partner that invigorates the life of their elderly companion. He brings positive in their mundane life.It has been seen that older people who own a pet are happier and fit. The conversations between an elderly and a pet are the most nurturing and healing ones. When pets become companions, agony and irritation of old age wanes off quickly and is replaced with love and care.Having a pet in old age,therefore, has innumerable benefits some of which are explicable whereas some others can only be felt.

Elderly Need Pets

5 Amazing Reasons Why an Elderly Must Have a Pet

1. Companionship

This is the primary benefit when a person owns a pet at old age. Maximum senior citizens suffer from loneliness. They have a persistent feeling of being unworthy or unfit which leads to depression and illness. Having pets on the other hand consumes most of their time thinking about caressing or taking care of their furry pal. Pets distract their mind so comfortably that they forget their pain, agitation, illness or loss.

2. Boosts Physical Activity

All pet owners are usually fit and active. Reason being, their pets give them enough run for their physical needs. In order to keep their dog fit and healthy, they indirectly get involved in the physical activities like walking or running. Walking the dog to their favorite park thus helps the elderly to get the daily physical exercise much needed to keep the joints and arms moving. Playing with the dog or jogging along also promotes cardiac health in pet owners.

3. Stress-Reliever and Mood Elevator

Old people usually have high levels of cortisol due to the stress of the age. A pet’s unbiased love and quirkiness assuage this anxiety uplifting their mood instantly. In fact, elderly people who own pets are proven to have better ability to cope up with their negative thoughts.

4. Protection

Old souls are vulnerable to easily get mobbed by the burglars. Having a dog in the house helps the elderly to feel more protected. His presence itself is very comforting and relaxing. And if the dog is a hound or a terrier, he can actually save his owner with his agility and smartness.

5. A Relief For Mental Conditions

Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients benefit a lot from pet ownership. They feel less agitated and eat properly which dementia patients otherwise don’t. Their sleeping patterns and activity levels drastically improve which indirectly delays the brain degeneration.

So, what better reasons can you find to gift a pet to your old mom or dad? And if you are a senior citizen yourself, we definitely think you must have a pet by now if you don’t already have one. Pets are just amazing. They are stress-busters that fill your life with exhilarating and memorable moments.

So Make Memories with Them and Live in the Moment!

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