Tips To De-Stress Your Pet During New Year’s Eve

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De-Stress Your Pet During New Year's Eve

That shrilling and exploding sounds of firecrackers may be a thrill for you. But, PAUSE…think is it the same for your furry pal.


That huge BANG sounds are really dreadful for your dog or a cat. During such times, your pet may run around to hide behind the couch or just go on swirling in order to escape that loud firecracker sounds. He/she might not eat or drink and at the most may even run out of the house to avoid the sound.

The sad thing is at times we are least bothered about such things and forget about the safety of our furry kids. Well, to help pet owners avoid such stressful situations during the eve of new year celebrations, here we have unveiled golden tricks for keeping your pet safety and healthy.

Keeping Your Pet Stress Free On The Eve Of New Year Celebrations

Keep your Dog or Cat Indoors

Secure a safe corner of the home for your pet. It is safer for them during fireworks displays and explosions. If any of the member stays with them, it would be much safer.

Act Happy and Calm

If you stay calm, relaxed and happy, it will reinforce the feeling of safety in your pet. This gives your pet no reason to become anxious or feel stressed.

Celebration Time – Leave them at Home

Leave your pets home during celebrations. Never take them to watch firework display as the loud noise may trigger their anxiety levels.

When Outside – Do not put them on Leads

The loud noise of firecrackers hugely impacts your pet and these are quite stressful. Thus, never leave your furry pals chained when outside the home. This can sometimes put them in difficult condition due to too much pulling of the chain.

Keep doors, windows and curtains closed

Keep all the windows and curtains closed. This will dilute the sound coming from outside. Moreover, there is a plenty of music for animals. You can plug in some dog music or turn on TV to help drown out the loud noises from outside.

Collar and Dog Tags

During celebrations, remember to always have collar and dog tag on your furry friend. This is highly beneficial when pets get scared and gives little opportunity for them to miss out. In case they run out due to noises of firecrackers, with the help of dog tags, they can be easily searched, found and returned to the owner.


Festival time means lots of things going on in the surroundings. It is crucial that you provide load of exercise to your pet. This helps to reduce stress levels and boosts in happy hormones. Provide exercise, water and potty your dog an hour before the festival celebration starts.

Keeps door closed

In a safe and secure room, provide your pet bed and blanket where they can snuggle and feel safe. Closed the windows, just leaving the space for ventilation. So that they can’t escape out. Play a relaxing music and leave air conditioner on. Specially keep the doors closed so that your dog doesn’t escape out easily.

Keep calming medications at hand

Consult a vet and stock anti-stress treatments like Anxiety TFLN. These medications relieve your pet from stress and anxiety.

Dangerous Food

Celebration means it’s time for great feast. So, you need to take special care such that the food items, which are dangerous for dogs/cats are not accessible.

Keeping these tips in mind during the New Year’s Eve will not only allow you to celebrate the festive but make it the safest one for your furry companion. Nevertheless, love, care and celebration can only go in hand to hand when you are a responsible pet parent. So, why not enjoy and wait for the clock to struck 00:00:00 and welcome a 2017.

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