Interesting Indoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

indoor- activities

Human is a social animal and dogs belong to the wild who cannot stick at one place for ages. Therefore, it can be a bummer for both the human and their pet to stay at home for any reason. However, when there’s no way out you can surely find many ways indoors to kill the boredom and utilize precious time in many other indoor activities. Dogs help to stimulate your mental and physical health. If you are a dog-parent then you can do a lot many things with your pup even at home. Here’s a list of games that you can play with your pet and have fun.

Hide & Seek

We all love to play hide and seek, so why not include your pet in the game? Playing hide and seek with your dog is one of the great ways to teach and reinforce certain skills such as stay, come, and sit. Keep it an indoor game and all you need to do is let your dog sit in the bedroom or the main room and then you can quickly hide in the next room. Then let your pet do the job to find you and see him jump in joy.

Hidden Treasure


Dogs are sniffer by birth and have exceptional olfactory receptors. Well, this can be a great factor to turn it into an interesting game. All you need to do is hide your pup’s favorite treat or toy under the boxes or in another room but at a safer place to be sure. And then encourage your pet to find the hidden treats and start sniffing around. When your pet finds the treasure, ensure to congratulate them, and praise them for their skills.

Cardio Twist

cardio twist

If you are familiar with the sport of agility then the cardio twist will be very easy for you to arrange for your pet. You simply need to set up poles using folding chairs, unused toilet plungers, or orange cones and instruct your pooch to heel alongside as you weave between them. You can change your pace from fast to slow. This will help your dog to concentrate as you change the direction quickly.

The Painter Dog

the painter dog

Panting can be fun, it stimulates your creative fluids and releases the feel-good liquid in the brain. So, let’s paint with the pet and add some more excitement to it. Ensure to take non-toxic paints. But wait, how will you make your dog paint when he doesn’t know how to do it? Well, it’s easy, you need to squeeze dots of paint all over your canvas and wrap it in the plastic wrap. Then spread your pet’s favorite treats on the top. Now, let your dog lick up the paint and smudge it to create a painting. Unwrap and let the canvas dry. There you can see what beautiful piece your Fido has created. Tada!

Obedience Training

obedience training

Training your pet is an unending process and staying indoors you can completely utilize the time to provide obedience training to your pet. Either to enhance your dog’s skill or to simply make sure your dog can listen and respond to you, obedience training is the perfect way to keep your pup occupied.

Well, staying indoors for a long time can be a tedious task but this can turn out to be a golden time for you and your pet by doing interesting activities together. However, do not assume that your pet is safe from parasites if he’s indoors because parasites can attack your pet from anywhere. Therefore, ensure to provide pet care products to your dog on a daily basis in order to avoid any hindrance in your fun.