Adopt-a-Cat Month: This June Take Simple Steps to Unlock a Cat’s Destiny

If you are an animal lover and have that gist to get a rescue cat, then this month June is a great time to adopt a cat as it is especially recognized as Adopt-a -Shelter Cat Month. Moreover, it’s also a perfect time to spread the word as the kitten season is at a peak level.

What is National Adopt-a-Cat Month?

National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in June is a special period of the year recognized by American Humane society to encourage the adoption of cats. And, if you’re considering adding a new feline friend to your family, then it is an absolutely ideal time. The month of June is all about cat adoption, from the starting of the first day to the last. But, why it is so important to adopt during this period of the year.

As kitten season springs up, more and more litters of kittens populate out, which eventually leads to a colossal number of kittens adding up to shelter homes or rescue centers by the time when June rolls up. These huge numbers not only add up to the pressures of the rescue organizations but also deteriorate the lives of already existing cat clutters.

However, with so much to turn around and so little help coming in, usually animal humane societies, shelter homes and various NPOs organize events and encourage the public to step further and be part of this special month.

And, if you are one among them, here are a few things you can do for this special Adopt-a-Cat Month.

Adopt – A Holistic Act

Whether from a cat rescue center or animal shelter home, you can adopt a cat from either of the organizations. And, if you are looking for a kitten, adult cat, or senior cat, or whether you want a shorthaired, long-haired cat, they have a lot to match your personality. From a quiet cat, a big cat, or a small kitty, you can easily find your furry love waiting for you.

Spay or Neuter

Needless to say, even if you have an indoor cat, there are chances of an escape. Therefore, it is a good time to spay or neuter them rather than taking care of those kittens. Passively, you can even aid shelter homes in helping them in their spaying or neutering campaigns.


It’s the time to get on your toes and volunteer at your local shelter homes. These organizations are always short of staff and for volunteering, you won’t need any special skills. Along with volunteering at the shelters, you can even assist your neighbor or a friend having a cat. And invariably your assistance might make a difference in whether the cat remains in that home or not. Moreover, you can volunteer to help in grooming or litter box cleaning of a cat of your elderly neighbor. This would be a great relief to your neighbor as well as the cat.

Donate – A Small Step

A small check or a big one, whatever it is, your local shelter will always benefit from that money. That small amount makes a big difference.

Donate Things – Making Big Difference

If not money, you can even choose to pick the most essential pet supplies including flea and tick treatment, a tick collar, cat food, and a toy for a cat. Moreover, most shelters have a stock shortage of some things, which you can add deliberately. Specifically, everyday items like laundry detergent, food, and water bowls, newspaper, litter boxes, newspapers, etc.

Well, these are a few things that you can take up and can be the linchpin to make this month a more successful one.