FAQs about Nexgard: What Every Pet Parent Needs to Know

When it comes to flea and tick preventatives, there are plenty of treatments available in the market. Nexgard is one such product that is highly effective against fleas and various types of ticks. Afoxolaner is an active ingredient in Nexgard, which is an insecticide and acaricide. It not only treats flea and tick infestation but also prevents it, making it one of the most popular treatments among pet parents. However, many pet parents are in a dilemma whether it’s the right product for their pets or not. Therefore, here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give you a clear idea.

Q-1: What are the key benefits of Nexgard?

Nexgard is a potent flea and tick preventive treatment for dogs. Below are the main benefits of this product.

  • Highly palatable as it comes in beef-flavored chewable
  • Prevents flea infestation
  • It starts working against fleas only within 8 hours of administration
  • Also effective against various types of ticks
  • Quick action monthly treatment for dogs

Q-2: How does Nexgard work?

Nexgard contains an active ingredient Afoxolaner, which targets the adult fleas and kills them before they can lay eggs. It affects the central nervous system of the parasites, which leads to paralysis and eventually kills them.

Q-3: What is the mode of administration?

Nexgard is a beef-flavored chewable, so it is an oral treatment.

Q-4: How to use Nexgard on my dog?

Follow the steps below to administer Nexgard to your dog –

  • First weigh the dog and pick the appropriate pack size of Nexgard Chewable.
  • These chewables are available in four different pack sizes with different colors.
  • You can administer the tablet directly in the mouth of the dog.
  • If the dog refuses to take it orally, then you can mix it in the dog food.
  • If the chewable is mixed in their food then ensure that the dog completes the meal so that the treatment is effective.
  • Repeat the treatment after 30 days exactly on the same date.

Q-5: Is Nexgard effective against ticks?

Yes, Nexgard also eliminates ticks from the dog’s body. It kills Lone star ticks, Black-legged ticks, American dog tick and brown dog tick.

Q-6: At what age I can start administering the tablet to my dog?

Nexgard is suitable for dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 4 pounds.

Q-7: When can I bathe my dog after administering the treatment?

As Nexgard is a chewable tablet, not a topical treatment, there is no need to wait for bathing your dog.

Q-8: Is Nexgard safe for all dog breeds?

Yes, pet parents can rest assured that this treatment can be given to any breed of dog.

Q-9: Are there any side effects of Nexgard?

Nexgard is only to be used on dogs. The side effects of this treatment are rare but include lethargy, diarrhea, itching, vomiting, and lack of appetite. The safe use of Nexgard in pregnant, breeding, or lactating dogs has not been evaluated yet.

Warning – please take advice from your veterinarian before using it on dogs who have a history of seizures or any other neurologic disorders.

Q-10: Which company manufactures Nexgard?

Nexgard comes from the house of Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading manufacturer of pet supplies.

Q-11: Can I use Nexgard along with other treatments?

Nexgard can be used with other antibiotics and vaccines. However, one should always consult a veterinarian before administering a combination of treatments.

Q-12: From where can I buy Nexgard for Dogs?

Nexgard for dogs is available to purchase from stores as well as online pet supplies store. To get the treatment at discounted prices along with the benefit of free shipping, you can opt for online pet supplies store such as BudgetPetCare.com

Well, here we have covered almost all the queries that pet parents have! If you’ve got any questions regarding Nexgard, you can reach out to our team for further assistance and we’ll be happy to guide you!

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