Best Generic Heartgard Plus treatments Available in Market for Dogs

Best Generic Heartgard Plus

Pet parents love their pets more than anything! They always want best for their dogs, thus want to provide them with the most effective monthly treatments. However, considering the pricing and other factors, buying monthly treatments can take a toll on pet parents. To help pet parents keep their pets healthy without burning a hole in their pockets, many companies have launched generic products. These treatments have the same effectiveness and are provided at a lesser price. In this blog, we are talking about heartworm treatments. Most pet parents must be familiar with Heartgard Plus, so here we are talking about the generic versions that prevent heartworm infection in dogs.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Heartgard Plus is a top-selling heartworm preventive treatment. This treatment comes in a beef flavor tablet that is highly palatable thus easy to administer. It is an effective treatment that works against the immature stages of heartworm thus provides complete protection from heartworm infection. Moreover, this treatment also eliminates intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms.

This treatment has been available for years and is highly recommended by veterinarians. So, for complete protection from heartworms, Heartgard Plus is a must buy.

Generic and Effective Heartworm treatments for Dogs

There are many pet parents who are barely making ends meet, so it’s tough on them when it comes to getting pet supplies. So, we have provided a list of generic treatments that are similar to Heartgard which you can administer to your furry companion! All these treatments are cheaper than Heartgard Plus, so you can pick the one that is the right fit for your pet.

Nuheart for Dogs

Nuheart is a highly effective tablet for dogs. This product is very cost-effective thus affordable by pet parents. It contains the same ingredient as Heartgard – Ivermectin. Thus it provides complete protection from heartworms. It also comes in meat flavor, making it highly palatable for dogs. This treatment can be used on dogs and puppies that are of 6 weeks are more.

Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs

Tri-Heart is an excellent heartworm protection treatment for dogs. It is not only affordable, but it also comes in a flavored tablet form, thus very easy to administer as well. It effectively eliminates the tissue stage of heartworm larvae thus prevents the heartworm infection for one full month. Moreover, it also contains one additional ingredient along with Ivermectin, it is Pyrantel, which is also present in Heartgard Plus. This ingredient is effective against intestinal worms!

Strongheart Plus

Strongheart Plus provides complete protection against heartworms. Moreover, it also helps kill roundworms and hookworms. It comes in beef flavored chews that are easy to administer to dogs. This treatment can be given to dogs and puppies that are over the age of six weeks.

Milbeguard for Dogs 

this is a flavored heartworm preventive tablet that is effective in preventing heartworm infection in dogs. It works by eliminating the immature stages of heartworms and providing complete protection from the disease. Moreover, this is also a palatable chewable that controls and treats roundworms and hookworms.

We hope you found the treatment you were looking for your pet! These four generic treatments are best for heartworm prevention program and highly recommended to pet parents!