Fleas In The Park – Do I Have To Worry When Taking My Dog On A Stroll?

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A pet owner strolling along with his dog through park just comes home and find fleas all over his body – a normal scenario that happens with every pet parent and they go on wondering how the hell this has happened.

Strolling through the park or playing in the garden your doggie can pick up fleas and if you’re speculating, this is not possible then do believe that pets can catch up fleas from gardens and parks too. Your furry pal is a living flea magnet where he can attract fleas from grasses and open spaces.

Fleas in the Park

Gardens, Lawns, Backyards – A Resource for Flea Infestation

Many pet owners think that their dogs can get fleas only through other dogs. When finding fleas on their furry pals just after returning from a stroll in the park or a play from the back yard, they panic. Pet parents don’t realize that fleas are potentially a dreadful problem and it’s not important that they just jump from other animals. Moreover, it is not crucial that direct contact with other infected animal is the only way through which fleas are transmitted. And, protecting them from other animals will keep those fleas at bay. However, the reality is there are hundreds of fleas and flea species around the world, but the only one from which dog parents need to be worried is called Ctenocephalides canis. These type of fleas mostly sustain by feeding on dog blood whereas their bite cause terrible itching.

What most of the pet parents don’t understand is that fleas are widespread and can from anywhere jump on the suitable host. They can even lay dormant that is in the egg stage, waiting to hatch when they find suitable prey is nearby. Therefore, in parks, backyards, lawns, recreational areas and gardens, fleas can lurk in long grasses and shrubbery, for the right time to jump on the unprotected pets. The shocking thing is a single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, and when left untreated they can multiply dramatically resulting into thousands of fleas causing flea borne diseases. This makes it imperative in dealing with flea control as a part of pet caring strategy.

How can you save your pet from fleas in the open outdoor spaces?

Surfing online you can find many of the flea control medications available in the market. There are also some home remedies but they are not all effective in controlling these pests. The flea preventives kill the fleas that attack your pet as well as protect them from flea eggs. Some of the effective flea preventives are Frontline plus and Advantage. Keeping your pet on flea preventives, you can be sure that those fleas wouldn’t be able to make their way on your pooch. With these products, you and your furry pal can enjoy the regular walks and play in the garden without the worry of those nasty creatures.

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