Five Basic Tips To Dog-Proof Your Backyard

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You are not a cop or a super hero to keep that sharp vigilant on your pets always when they are outdoors. So, why not think about dog-proofing your outdoor space. It’s highly imperative to create a safe environment for your furry pal and before going on this preventive measure, consider your pet’s characteristics and work out accordingly.

There are numerous things to consider while dog-proofing your yard but sometimes you may miss certain essential things when dealing with this. Meticulously fence these few tips in your outdoor space to protect your furry companion from the backyard hazards.

dog proof your backyard

Simple Ways To Dog-Proof Your Backyard

1. Prevent Pets on Treated lawns

Freshly treated lawns are full of insecticides and pesticides. These chemicals though protect your blooming plants; they are harmful for your furry pals. It will toxic your pet leading to multiple health conditions. The best option is to opt for organic pest control avoiding use of insecticides. You can even contact your vet to find the best spray that is not harmful for your pet. Try to keep away your furry friend from the lawn whenever it has been treated with pesticides.

2. Mow and Landscape The Lawn On Frequent Basis

With tall and thick grass in your backyard, there is every possibility of ticks hatching and multiplying ready to attack your pet whenever he is out in the lawn. To avoid those nasty creatures feeding on your pet, mow your lawn regularly and remove the weeds and the other debris accumulated in the backyard.

3. Fencing The Swimming Pools

Dogs do love swimming and though your pooch swims very well and has strength, never leave him unattended if you have a pool in your yard. Accidents do happen and we never know when, so the best idea is to fence your pool and ensure regularly that it’s totally pet proof. Moreover, also train your doggie to enter and exit the swimming pool safely by the time he is a year old.

4. Keep Away Garage Supplies And Trash Bins

Pets are quite inquisitive and having got opportunity, they would like to explore the whole world. And, if they have access to garage supplies or trash cans, they are definitely going to hurt themselves. Always make sure that your garage supplies and garbage tins are secured properly with lids. Substances like cleaning materials, fuel, antifreeze and other chemicals should always be kept away from the reach of your furry pals. Rat killers and pesticides need to be cautiously stored away as they are fatal to your dog if ingested accidentally.

puppy proof garden backyard

5. Choose Safe Flowers

Furry kids like to play with those flowers sometimes chewing away but not all flowers are safe for your pets. Choose the flowerbeds that are safe and non-toxic for your pets. Lot of common flowers such as tulips, daffodils, amaryllis and azaleas are poisonous to canines. If you are not aware of which flowers may be toxic for your pet family, check with your vet and select henceforth.

Furthermore, our dogs love to explore and investigate, provide a distraction away from the boundaries of your housing-premise by creating tiny adventures and secret sniffing zones in the backyard. May be a section of log that will decompose over time surrounded by non-toxic ornamental grasses creates superior sniff area. For your dog’s general well-being always ensure that there’s routine lawn maintenance to help prevent fleas and ticks. Don’t allow your dog in areas of the lawn where it has been freshly treated with chemicals. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh water available outside, as well as a nice shady spot.


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