Dogs At Home- Tactics To Keep Them Engaged While You Are At Work

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It is heart aching for pet parents to have to leave their canines behind at home, while they go to work and give their 100% for making a living. Had there been any option for them to take along their furry friends to work, they would definitely not miss that opportunity. But, alas! Most of the corporate premises do not allow animals inside and thus, there may be no alternative other than leaving them behind.

Without anybody around, your furry friends may feel lonely, and more than that, they may get bored. Canines need a balance of mental and physical activities for the healthy living. If you don’t want your pooches to hold your pants the next day to stop you from going away, you may need to keep them entertained by different tricks and treats.

Let’s find out the different tactics to keep your pawed friends engaged while you are at work!

    • A run in the morning- The simplest way to get your pooch snoozed
      If you are going for a sprint in the morning, the best idea is to take your pooch with you. Every dog needs a 20 minute walk twice a day. This morning sprint may wear out your pup which could lead to a sleep of several hours. Knowing that he might be sleeping at home, your restlessness could be lessened. Give a good sleep to your companion while you are away with this simple trick.
    • Kongs- The king of toys
      Dog playing with kong toy
      What is it that dogs never get tired of doing? You may be thinking about all those frequent times when your furry friend chewed off your new pair of shoes. Isn’t it? If yes, then you are on the right track! Chewing is the best stress reliever for dogs and they absolutely love to do that. Kongs tops among the food-toys for dogs. You may simply need to fill the kong with your dog’s favorite treats, dry or wet food, steamed sweet potatoes, etc. Kong with full of your dog’s favorite food may keep him busy chewing it to get the food out of it. Isn’t it a brilliant trick to keep your companion occupied in your absence?
    • A small hunting adventure- Assign a digging quest to your pets!
      Mischievous Dog
      Dogs being carnivorous used to hunt their prey before they were domesticated. So, hunting comes natural to these furry friends. If you plan to keep your dogs outdoors while you go to work, plan some digging adventures for your pets. A plastic paddling pool could make a perfect digging spot. Fill that pool with kid-safe sand after hiding some toys like kongs in it. If you want to increase the complexity, keep two such pools and bury some of the treats and toys in both of them. This adventure may excite the canines and will keep them busy for quite a while. It may also wear them out and they may sleep for the rest of the hours.
    • Newness in toys- A must to keep your dogs amused!
      Canines tend to get bored with things very easily. It may be a lot better if you rotate toys instead of using just the same one or using all at once. Let them decipher the trick to get the treats everyday for the new toy. This will prevent the deciphering trick from getting obvious.
    •  Puzzle the food- A great entertainer!
      Apart from kongs, there are many other food puzzles that may keep your canine busy for quite a lot of time. Tricky treat ball, tug-a-jug, waggle, the dog casino are some of the most interesting food puzzles that may do wonders for your dog’s free time. If you do not want to buy any of these toys, you could go with this cheap option of filling dry treats in an old plastic bottle and remove the lid. You pawed friend will have to rotate the bottle to eat the treats which might be quite fun for him.

Let’s watch this inexpensive method of keeping dogs busy through a video!

 In all, it may be a bit difficult to keep your pooches busy, while you are at work, but is definitely not impossible. Use these ideas to keep your friends occupied at home, which may also give some mental exercise to them in your absence. Now, let your worries dissipate for your pooches getting bored at home, because with these tactics they might be just having fun!

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