Is Your Dog Eating Grass? Find Here The Reasons!

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Owning a dog brings many responsibilities including strong vigilance. You may need to be observant of his moves, diet and behavior to prevent him from any unwanted event. You may get to know the unusual eating habit of your pooch if and only if you look after your pet with utmost attention. There are many pet owners who have found out about their canines eating grass due to their observation skills. Does your pooch have that habit too? Well, what could be the reason of this behaviour or is it bad or good?

Let us scrutinize the situation of a dog eating grass!


Why does your dog find it tempting to eat grass?

There are two main reasons for dogs feeding on grass occasionally. The first is that your dog is having a tummy upset because of something that probably he shouldn’t have eaten. The second reason is that your dog may be having a great time munching the green grass as a supplement to his diet. Some dogs have even made it a part of their life to have a green snack while on a walk. Thus, if your pooch is eating grass, there is nothing to worry about.

How is the grass-feeding normal for dogs?

If we look back at the days when canines were not domesticated and were hunters, then it seems really normal. In those days, they used to hunt herbivores whose normal diet was grass, leaves, fruits, and berries. The nutrient value of canines was satisfied by feeding on these herbivores. Now the diet of dogs has changed drastically with commercial foods. They do not get that nutrients value which they used to get by hunting the carnivores. Thus, the craving for those nutrients results into their feeding on grass. This is the reason why it is normal for dogs to feed on grass occasionally.

How to differentiate between the safe and unsafe feeding on grass?

As we discussed earlier, there are two main reasons for dogs having a feast on grass. However, how will you differentiate whether your pooch is having grass due to tummy upset or just to gain the nutrients? Well, it is very simple to judge that! Observe your pet while he is eating the grass. If he is gobbling the grass without chewing it then your canine is most likely going through a stomach problem. Eating it whole gives them relief as the grass-blade tickles their throat and stomach lining. This gives them a sensation of spewing and that is why they gulp rather than chew. On the other side, dogs chewing the grass suggest that they are enjoying it and are eating it to satisfy their nutrient values.

To conclude we can say that safety level depends on your dog’s style of eating grass. Thus if you find that your pooch is gobbling grass in extreme amounts then consult a veterinarian.

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