Fencing A Dog- Why And How To Do It?

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Moshe Dayan, an Israeli military leader and a peace lover has rightly said that “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”. If you noticed, he used the word soul, and not man. This suggests that freedom is associated with every living thing on the Earth, including animals, insects, birds, men, women, etc. Among all the living organisms, we will talk about man’s best friend, Dog.

If you are a pet owner then probably there may be a dilemma in your mind about your pet’s freedom. Keeping your furry canines on leash and inside the fences may make you feel a bit guilty as you feel that you are hampering their freedom. In order to make peace with this guilt, many pet guardians opt to leave their dogs off leash and do not fence them. However, is it safe for your pooch? Let’s find why it is important to fence your pooch!


Why do you need to restrain your canine by fencing?

According to The Pet’s Tech, almost 3,000 dogs die every day from being hit by car in the United States. And, every year 25% of all puppies aging less than a year die from infectious diseases which includes both, preventable and unpreventable. Losing your pet to such naïve incidences which can be prevented by taking some precautions may cause more pain than you can imagine.

To keep your pets safe from such daunting incidences, it is important to fence your furry friends. You may be having some doubts about restraining your pooch because of the videos on the internet which displays their digging and squeezing through the fence. However anything can be better than a lost pet or worse, losing a pet. Isn’t it? Thus it is recommended to fence your dogs for their safety and your happiness.

How to contain your dogs?

As we discussed earlier that the easiest option to refrain your canine from the outside dangers is to use a fence. There are two types of fences that could work for you, a traditional fence, or the invisible dog fence. The traditional fence is the privacy fence which is a popular choice of pet owners when they think of refraining canines. To overcome the issue of digging and jumping of pets, either you may have to set it deep inside the concrete bed or to make it jumper-digger proof.  It is advised to build the privacy fence at least 6 feet high.

The invisible dog fences are of two types: wireless and in ground. The common things between both these types are that they are invisible and work with a receiver collar and a transmitter. You can set the limit and if your canines set foot beyond that, they receive a warning beep and on stepping the boundary they may receive static correction. This fence is feasible because it can be used not at only at home but wherever you want to, i.e. on a trek, or a camp, or a hike.

Doesn’t it all make complete sense? We know that freedom is very important everybody and we don’t want to jail our furry friends. However, the cons of not fencing the pets are disastrous and force us to believe that safety is the new freedom. Get your premises fenced to prevent any unwanted incident with your pawed pal! 

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