Is Apoquel the Solution to All Your Dog’s Allergy Problems?

Licking, biting, chewing, and scratching – all these things are associated with dogs. While most dog parents assume this to be a common habit among dogs, little do they know that such signs can be more than just bad habits. Such things could possibly be more than just bad habits. It could mean that your fur buddy might be suffering from allergies. Unlike humans who tend to sneeze, get their eyes watery and have a runny nose during the allergy season; dogs, on the other hand, exhibit allergies differently. And when this so-called allergy in dogs kicks in, it is time to seek a solution to your canine’s allergy problems. While there are quite a few products that have been effective in treating allergies in dogs, there’s none like Apoquel for Dogs. Ever since its launch in 2014, Apoquel has touched the lives of millions of dogs and has proven to be the solution for all your dog’s allergy issues.

Apoquel Allergy Medicine for dogs

Here’s why Apoquel is the solution to all your dog allergic problems.

  • Easy to Administer – One of the biggest reasons behind Apoquel being a top allergy treatment method is because it is easy to administer. All you have to do is give the tablet to your canine or crush the tablet and mix it with his food.
  • Fast Acting Tablets – Unlike other allergy treatments, Apoquel works really fast. As soon as the tablet is administered by your pet, it begins its work. And within just 4 hours, pet parents might notice results.
  • Provides Effective Itch Relief – Not only is Apoquel quick, but it is also highly effective as well. It provides thorough relief from itching within 24 hours and helps your pet recover quickly.
  • Extremely Safe To Use – One of the best things about Apoquel is its safety. These tablets have mild side effects and are safe to use on dogs above 12 months only.
  • Works Long Term – Another good thing about Apoquel is, it works long term. This means that you can give these tablets for as long as it takes to thoroughly cure your furry pal. Furthermore, recent studies have proved that treating dogs with Apoquel for over two years have shown minimal or no side effects at all.

Apoquel for dog

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How to Use Apoquel for Dogs to Treat Allergies?

 As you have read earlier, Apoquel is very easy to use. Simply give the tablet in your buddy’s mouth or mix it with his food. The choice is up to you (or should we say, it’s up to your pet). While administering the tablet is easy, it is important to keep the dosage pattern in mind. Below is a table that will assist you in understanding Apoquel’s dosage pattern. Gauge through it very carefully.

Apoquel for Dogs | BudgetPetCare
So, in a nutshell…Note: All dosage to be given twice daily for up to 14 days.

Question – Is Apoquel the solution to all your dog’s allergy problems?

Answer – YES! Without a doubt!