Pet Cancer Myths on Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is the most frightening word across the globe. Just the name of this disease is enough to summon the feelings of fear and danger. Not only the detection of cancer disease but also talking about its treatment can generate similar feelings. “But, when it comes to pets, you should know that there is no way to treat cancer as the treatment only keeps delaying the inevitable.” So, did you believed what you just read?

When it comes to cancer, there are many unproven stories and myths like this from here and there which makes it arduous to sort out the facts from the fiction. Pet parents are soppy when it comes to their pets; therefore, they can never afford to take any wrong step that would lead their furry companion to bear this disease. Awareness is the first step to prevent cancer.

May is celebrated as Pet Cancer Awareness Month with the motive to spread awareness about cancer in pets and also educate others about this horrifying disease. In an overabundance of information, it is imperative for pet parents to beware of the common myths about cancer in pets.

Here are some myths that pet parents need to stop believing and also withhold others from believing them.

Microchipping Pets Can Cause Cancer

Microchipping pets have now become crucial as it helps to track and get back the lost pets. Mostly promoted by veterinarians and animal shelter, microchipping is a boon but the rumors say that it can be one of the causes of cancer. The American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) states that the chances of your pet developing cancer through microchip are very, very low.

Special Food Diet Prevents Cancer

Just as cancer, even the pet’s body is complex. Many pet-parents out there believe that feeding specific diet can prevent cancer from haunting their pets. While it’s true that some ingredients are healthier than others but the idea of providing that particular diet to prevent cancer is false. Feeding one specific diet to prevent cancer in your pet is an oversimplification to state that one specific diet can have a major influence over a pet’s chance of developing or preventing cancer.

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There’s Only One Treatment for Cancer

There can never be only antidote for a wound. It varies depending on the factors and intensity of the wound. Similar is the case with cancer treatments. Many believe this myth that Chemotherapy is the only treatment for cancer. Contrarily, there are other modalities to treat cancer such as surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation. When a pet is diagnosed with a type of cancer, the veterinarian will discuss about the treatment or combination of the treatments, which is most appropriate to cure pet cancer.

Cancer Treatment Is Expensive and Also Makes My Pet Sick

For pet parents, nothing can be as priceless as seeing their pet overcome cancer due to the treatments. Often pet parents believe that cancer treatment is too expensive. But the truth is that the cost of treatment is dependent on many factors and there are coherently priced options which are appropriate to treat cancer. While cancer treatments may cause adverse signs, those side-effects are typically mild and the ones that can be cured at home.

Aged Pets Are Too Old To Undergo Surgery

If age would be the barrier to cure dangerous disease, we could witness many pets just suffering from the severities. Age isn’t a parameter to gauge the possibility of curing cancer. As long as the pet is otherwise healthy, cat or dog can tolerate the cancer treatments regardless of their age.

Pet’s Daily Routine Will Be Hindered during Treatment

All the emotional and mental pain pet-parents and pets go through are worth the cure. During the treatment phase, there might be some changes in their daily routine but the pets still continue to live a normal and active life. It all depends on how the pet-parents treat the pets. Therefore, with a positive mindset, pet parents should allow the pets continue to live normal life while undergoing cancer treatment.

Although May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, it is crucial to spread the awareness of cancer prevalence and misleading myths about cancer among people for their four-legged friends throughout the year.