Shelter Dog Month Special: 5 Convincing Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Do you prefer to buy a dog from a pet store? What makes you go there to purchase a pet? Perhaps, you easily get pups and pure breeds in those stores.
But, just think- is it a good enough reason to not select a shelter pet over a store pet when there are a lot many dogs already waiting for you? Shelter dogs need our support and care more than the puppies bred in mills. They aren’t there for any commercial reasons to give business to someone and rather require genuine help. If you have ever visited a shelter you must know all those pets that you see in shelters are abandoned by their owners for different reasons and the shelter care takers are the only ones that actually work hard to look after these poor souls.

However, shortage of funds often leaves them helpless and some of the animals do not get proper care as they would at your home. Other than this, there are myriad other reasons that will definitely enlighten you as to why you must buy a shelter pet this month.


Tops 5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet This October

The most celebrated reason to adopt a shelter pet specifically in October is that this month is celebrated as Adopt a Shelter Pet month first off. It is an awareness month for people who look forward to adopting a pet but don’t really know a shelter could be their best option. Other than that, there are other more important reasons as to why a person must adopt a pet from a shelter. Here are some convincing reasons to support the cause.

To Save Life of a Pet

You know what shortage of funds and overpopulation of pets can do to shelter dogs? They are euthanized when shelter care takers are unable to handle the massive population of strayed and estranged dogs.

To Help Maintain the health of other shelter pets

Overpopulation of pets makes it hard for care takers to pay close attention to the individual pet in the shelter. Thus, if every person adopts at least one pet from the shelter, it will be a great support to shelter owners in providing a better environment to the rest of the dogs. Every dog will get quality time from their care takers and less population in the shelter will also be easy for these people to manage well without compromising on the quality.

Get Lot of Options

Some people prefer to adopt a pure breed dog and thus they eventually zero in on pet store to purchase one. However, you can also get pure breed dogs in shelters as well. In fact, most of the shelter dogs in the US are purebred. So, if that was the reason which was stopping you from buying pets from a shelter, fret not! You will get all kinds of dogs here – pure breeds, mixed breeds, beagles, terriers – everything. Additionally, if you have a specific requirement, you can also get notified when a dog is brought to the shelter.


Shelter Pets Are Mostly Vaccinated and Trained

Pets given for adoption in the shelters had usually received their vaccination and thus you don’t have to trouble yourself to the vet’s clinic to get him injected. Apart from that, shelter pets are generally accustomed to the family environment because they had been adopted once, therefore, most of them know the basic commands. Whereas, on the other hand, store-bought pups require complete training from the scratch.

Support No Puppy-Mill Movement

Puppy mills are some of the most inhuman places on earth where pets are bred just to derive business. Animals raised in these mills are kept in cages, get poor medical facilities and are simply abandoned or killed when they seem to be of no use. Thus, you can lend your support to this movement by buying a shelter pet which will help in stopping these atrocities towards animal rights.

Adopting a pet from a shelter can help save a life that was on the verge of getting euthanized and some other abandoned dog may get a home in the shelter on a new vacancy created by you. So, adopt now and support the noble cause.

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