Activities To Take Up On National Pet Day

Pet Activities On National Pet Day

Pet day is about taking care of your furry pal and giving them more pats and cuddles than we usually do. If you want to bestow love on your adorable pet and make him/her feel special, you can take them to salons for a good massage, visit a nearby dog-park or go for long walks. Giving them treats is also a good option to make them cheerful.

What else?

All these activities are a great way to make the day special for the pet you have. Other than this, the things that we can partake on National Pet Day can vary from taking supplies to poor animals in the shelters to adopting a pet to provide them a home where they can be looked after properly. Putting up a campaign to collect funds for them could also be another great idea to support the shelters for the up keep of its residents. Furthermore, you can also volunteer for shelter tasks like grooming the animals or taking them to vets, etc.

If you seriously wish to give a helping hand to a local shelter near your place, giving one on a Pet Day could be a nice idea. However, it must be perpetual if you care for pets.

Figure out how you would go about it and plan the entire day accordingly. Here are some activities you probably might like to indulge in.

5 Activities You Can Indulge-In on a National Pet Day

Activities During National Pet Day
Collect Supplies For Shelters

There are a number of items that every shelter requires. It can be anything from beddings to animal treats to treatments for fleas, ticks or worms. You can also donate things that are given away by other pet parents. For office maintenance, it is a good idea to supply pens, paper boards, printer papers, etc. Donating the things that are regularly needed in a shelter would be of great help to the owners who take care of estranged animals and run out of funds most of the times in doing so.

Create A Buzz For Adoption

Another ideal way to help shelters is to organize a campaign for adoption. You can seek out for customers planning to buy a pet. Speak to them about benefits of adoption and how it supports animal rights. You can also distribute fliers and take help of social media experts to get customers for a shelter.

Gather Funds

On occasions like parties, wedding functions or school fests where people are present in great numbers, you can politely ask them to donate for the well-being of pets. Put up a show or a presentation to explain how shelters work hard to maintain the pets’ health.

Talk To Professionals For Help

Taking help of photographers to click nice pictures of pets to put up on leaflets and banners, or web designers to develop a good website for shelter, which can help customers to contact them from different locations other than the ones nearby, would be quite supportive to the business of your local shelter owner.

Take The Pets To Vet

Running a shelter is a tedious job. People working here hardly get time to relax and are mostly short of time. In this situation, if you can provide a lending hand and take the pets to the vet can be highly appreciative of you to provide your support. Take my word- they will be thankful to you.

National Pet Day is not only about imparting love to the pet you have but is also about taking care of all the pets that need affection from us humans. Care, love and treats is what these beautiful creatures want. So, spread love and make the most out of this day.

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