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Question from Gladys Melgar

I am worried about my dog he is itching all the time and rolling onhis back I bathing him with Oatmeal shampoo and his skin look very clean. I wondering what this about and wath can I do. thanks a lot

Our Vet Says:

The itching has a few causes: flea allergy, diet or atopic dermatitis. My advice is to treat your pet for fleas every month and also change the food to a diet for sensitive skin and give vitamins for hair and skin for 10-14 days every month. Don’t give him more than two baths per month; if you don’t see any improvement after 6 weeks, it is better to see your vet. I hope this information will help you to resolve your dog’s problem. 


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I bought advantage 2 for my dogs. I have 4 and three of them weigh about the same. The smaller one weighs about 25 lbs. I need to know why the advantage is not working on them and also if you could recommend a flea and tick medicine that will work. They stay inside more than out. My girls are itching up a storm and I feel bad for them. Please help us. BTW Sable was a few months younger in the picture. Thanks, D. Ford ...?

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