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Question from Laura Roberts

The ingredients for Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats appear to be the same. I am trying to treat many barn cats for the least amount of money. Is there any reason why I should not use the largest pipette of Frontline Plus for Dogs and share it between 9 cats?

Our Vet Says:

Frontline Plus has the same ingredients for cats and dogs but the quantity is different between the two species. Both products, Frontline for cats and Frontline for Dogs, have fipronil and S-methoprene as their active ingredients. As you probably know fipronil is a powerful insecticide which will kill all fleas and ticks, and S-methoprene is a growth hormone regulator which breaks the fleas life cycle and stops a new generation of fleas from being born from the eggs and larvae found on the dog or in the surrounding environment.

Below is a small table to make it easier for you to spot the differences.


Frontline for cats

Frontline for dogs

Active ingredients











The second problem is that a cat needs 0,5 ml solution which is very difficult to measure from a dog pipette because they do not have any gradation on them. Theoretically from a pipette of 4 ml you could treat 8 cats but the risk of side effects increases with overdosing. Overdosing of the product will cause a sticky appearance of hair at the treatment spot. Among the rare adverse reactions are transient skin reactions at the application site (scaling, local hair loss, itching, redness) and general itching or hair loss. Excessive salivation, reversible nervous signs (increased sensitivity to stimulation, depression, other nervous signs) or vomiting have also been observed after use.

In conclusion you have two reasons not to use Frontline for dogs on your cats. I would like to advise you to look for a flea product for cats as there are other cheaper products available.


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