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Question from Karen Kimball
Is there anything I can give my cat so I can give him a bath with out him having a fit?.
Our Vet Says:

Dear Karen, from your question I understood that your cat does not like being washed, not many cats do like being in water. In my opinion cats should be washed only when it is necessary (exceptionally dirty, get toxic solutions on them); as they do a very good job keeping themselves clean. There are other ways to clean a cat, like: brushing, combing, and rubbing him with a damp cloth.
If you need to give him a bath you need to take in consideration the following points:
- Fill the tub/sink before you bring the cat in the room. Cats do not like the sound of running water and some of them get irritated. This would not be a good start for the whole exercise. Do not put too much water, you do not want to immerse the whole body of the cat in the water. Make sure the water is warm. Fill two more plastic bottles with water so you do not need to turn on the running water.
- Put a rubber mat/mat on the bottom so the cat does not slide and it can stay comfortably and feel secure. It is recommended to ask somebody to help you holding the cat. This way you can safely wash her without water and shampoo going in its eyes, mouth, ears or even the cat going under the water or you getting scratched.
- It is recommended to trim the nails before bathing and to comb their coat.
- Put shampoo on a cloth/sponge and mix it with a bit of water to warm it up. Only use shampoos for cats.
- Talk to your cat while you are washing it. Try to be as relaxed as possible and if you have any tricks to relax TeeCee this is the time to use them.
- Rinse him with water from the tub, drain the tub and then rinse him again with water from the bottles. It is very important to remove all shampoo from his coat to keep his coat and skin healthy.
If you still have trouble washing him it is best to ask a professional groomer to do it for you. They are qualified and have the facilities and experience to do it.


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