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Question from Diana Pacione

My cat has always been healthy, good looking fur and just healthy. We moved from NY to Florida Oct 2010 and she was doing fine, but I noticed this year she looks extremely thin. I watch her eat, and her urine and feces look normal. Her attitude and manors are still wonderful she seems to be happy. The last bit of information is FLEAS. I believe that both my cat and dog are infested. I have tried everything but frontline and will be ordering in the next couple of days. I dont have the money to bring them to the vet but could these nasty bugs effect my cats health in anyway?

Our Vet Says:

In the case of your cats I suspect a different condition might be responsible for the weight loss. In cats over 10 years of age hyperthyroidism is a frequent condition. The symptoms are: increased appetite and increased water intake associated with weight loss. Also poor coat condition can be noted. The condition can be diagnosed with a simple blood test and treatment is widely available. Please take your cat to a regular check up at your local veterinary clinic.


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I have alwaysused topical flea products non Cloey ever since she nwas old enough. This last summer I used Advantage and within about three weeks I had to put it on Cloey again. I found two types of fleas on her some were real teeny black ones and some were nbigger brown ones. The flea stuff worked for only 3 weeks on these fleas. when I used to buy it it used to say on the box works for up to three months and it DID. Have the companies watered the product down so that I have to buy it more...?

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