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Question from Lesa Sanson

Roxy And Luy

Shitzu�s, age 11

I have just recently heard of a flea pill. I am concerned about my dogs swallowing such a thing into their stomachs that will also kill fleas. I�m sticking with the topical until I hear more on this product. Have you heard anything on this product and is it safe? Thank You! Love my dogs, like my kids :-)

Our Vet Says:

Dear Lesa,
 It would have been useful to know to what product you are referring to. There are a few flea prevention products available, like: Comfortis, Capstar, Program. Usually the oral flea prevention medication has an insecticidal effect on fleas, low toxicity for mammals and no effect on the environment. Some of them are used as crops for pest control. Another point is that drugs are tested before they are released on the market, and unsafe products are not granted marketing authorization by the FDA.
I will assume you are referring to Comfortis and will try to give you some information about the active ingredient spinosad. This substance is produced by bacteria which was first isolated in crushed sugarcane. It can be said that the chemical substance has a similar structure to tetracycline, which is a widely used antibiotics. It has low toxicity for mammalians (humans and pets) and was approved to be used as an insecticide in the organic agriculture. It is a high efficacy insecticide and will kill adults and larval stages in some pests. Its low binding with water allowed it to be used as a slow releasing oral flea prevention substance in dogs.
In my opinion topical products are better because they will kill all stages of fleas and they have some effect on the flea population found in the environment. As long as they are applied correctly based on the manufacturers indications they work very well.
I am hoping this answered your question but if you require any other info please write to us again and please include the name of the product you are referring to


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My Maddy is 6 years old and a HUGE girl -170 lbs. and the sweetest girl in my world! Trouble is... She is miserable with the itching. I been to the vet and tried changing her food to no beef, chicken, or pork. I also had her on allergy pills that cost $140 a month. I simply can’t afford that plus the expensive dog food, plus continuous yard treatments, etc. can you recommend a flea pill that is affordable? She is also on prion for incontinence. Will it affect that medication too? Thank ...?

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