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Question from Carla Buzzard

What, if any, human pain relievers (i.e. aspirin, ibuprofen, acetominophen,etc) would be able to be given to a dog? Are there any dosage recommendations?

Our Vet Says:

Dear Carla,
 NO there are no recommendations on the dosage for human pain relief medicine administered to dogs because they should NOT be given to this species. If given to dogs they can induce serious health problems.
Aspirin can lead to digestive upsets and gastric ulcers, may cause kidney damage, blood protein imbalances, seizures and coordination problems. Some aspirin based product have other substances included (caffeine, codeine) which are deadly to dogs.
Ibuprofen has more or less the same side effect as aspirin with the note that its safety margins for dose are stricter and it is the number one substances causing intoxication in dogs in USA.
Acetaminophens are safer for use in dogs but I would not recommend their use. It can interact with other medications and being an ingredient used for people not much studies were performed to fully understand its way of action in pets.
If you are looking for pain relief the active ingredient carprofen is licensed for use in dogs. The most widely known pain relief and anti inflammatory product based on carpofen is Rimadyl, but there are other alternatives available; for example: dexamethasone, meloxicam, prednisolone.
Please read the informational leaflet before administering it to your pet. If you need more information on dose please consult your veterinarian.


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