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Question from Rosella Phipps


Shiz Tu, age 3

We have fleas all over the house, they are very thick outside. What can we treat them with? Thank You

Our Vet Says:

Dear Rosella,
In order to win the flea fight you need to do two things at the same time. You need to treat you pet with a good flea product and treat your house/apartment as well.
For your dog you can choose between topical products and oral formulations. I would like to recommend a product like Frontline Plus, Advantix II or Advantage II. They have as active ingredients an insecticide, which will kill the fleas, and an insect growth regulator, which will stop new generations of fleas from hatching. They are topical products with monthly re-application. It is extremely important to apply the spot on treatments as directed by the manufacturer, directly on the skin. You need to part the coat until the skin is visible and deposit the full content of the pipette directly on the skin. You might want to get someone to give you a hand in order to get it right. If you do not like topicals you can choose between flea preventive drugs available in the form of tablets and chews. Some of them are: Capstar and Program (advisable to use both at the same time), and Comfortis. There are also flea and tick collars for dogs: Scalibor or Adams Plus.
On the same day you need to treat your house as well with a good product. Best environmental flea control products will have as active components an insecticide and an insect growth regulator, just like the topical for pets. After applying the substance on the carpets/floors you should not vacuum/wash the floors for at least 2-3 days so as to give the product a good chance to work against fleas. Extra attention should be given to the places where your dog spends more time, like a dog bed, favorite carpet. This is where the flea density will be higher. 95% of the flea population is found in the pets environment so this is a step which should not be neglected in order to get rid of these insects.
Also your lawn/yard will need attention, and for this any insecticidal product will do. Please read the label to ensure it is safe for pets.
Having done all of the above you need to do it again. You need to re-treat your house and yard at 2 weeks intervals until the number of fleas is under control, and it might take up to 3 months to completely rid of them. Dependent of the product used on your pet you will need to re-administer it as directed by your veterinarian or the manufacturer. When you have things under control you need to use flea prevention on your pet all year around and treat your house during the late spring-summer months. Good luck!


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