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Question from Priscilla Cheek

Capstar for fleas can be given as often as daily but how often must it be given to keep our dog free of fleas? We currently use Comfortis once a month but it is quite expensive and we only need it when we travel to Florida to visit relatives several times a year, usually for a couple of weeks at a time.

Our Vet Says:

Dear Priscilla, It really depends how many fleas are there in your area. The thing withCapstar is that it only kills the fleas found on the pet at the time of the treatment. It has no permanence in the animal’s body and therefore is effective for a limited period only. Every time your dog goes out and comes in contact with other animals and with bushes, grass, etc; all of which can be full of fleas. It only takes one tiny flea to start a huge infestation. The manufacturer of Capstar advises to give the pill whenever you spot fleas on the pet.
I usually recommend the use of Capstar as an aid in cases of large flea infestations. In my opinion Comfortis or any other product that has permanence is better.


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