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Question from Richard Adams
Can I cut a Heartworm Plus pill for a 26-50 pound dog in half and give one half to my 25 pound dog and the other half to my 12 pound dog. I have read that the drug my not be equally distributed in the chewable pill, and that the dose my not be the same in each half. I would guess that it depends how the chews are made by the company. Thanks for any info you can provide.
Our Vet Says:

Dear Richard, to divide chews or the content of pipettes is not a good practice. The reason is exactly the one you have included in your question .If your dog gets more during one treatment it might cause unwanted reactions, because as you know adverse reactions are more frequent when products are overdosed. Another logical result of your dog getting more solution in one treatment is that he will get less in the next one therefore he will not get appropriate protection.


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