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Question from Andrea Nance

Hi, My dog has been taking Sentinel but now it’s on back order. Is it OK to give them Program Plus or is there a better alternative? thank you

Our Vet Says:

Dear Andrea, Suki will be fine with Program Plus for heartworm prevention. Both products, Sentinel and Program Plus, are manufactured by the same company, Novartis, and have the same active ingredients: milbemycin oxime and lufenuron. The only point I need to make is that you need to ensure that she gets the correct dose based on her body-weight and that the treatments are carried on monthly at regular time intervals. Please note that this product also has shortages on the market at the moment and it seems that it will get worse so you might want to buy a year’s supply. Please read and retain the information leaflet before you treat your pet.


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I have alwaysused topical flea products non Cloey ever since she nwas old enough. This last summer I used Advantage and within about three weeks I had to put it on Cloey again. I found two types of fleas on her some were real teeny black ones and some were nbigger brown ones. The flea stuff worked for only 3 weeks on these fleas. when I used to buy it it used to say on the box works for up to three months and it DID. Have the companies watered the product down so that I have to buy it more...?

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