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Question from Joy Sherman

We are over run with fleas. We have used the drops. Frontline and advantix. We have sprayed the entire house removing even their beds and spraying the beds as well. We have washed all the dogs with dawn. Dawn works great but only until they return to the area. We are running very low on cash at this point. Any suggestions? And what order should we do it? Bathe then spray or spray then drops or? Please help us. The dogs can’t hardly sleep at this point and we are out of ideas. Everyone is miserable, thank you for any help you can offer.

Our Vet Says:

Dear Joy, it seems that you have a massive flea problem. The general rules in flea fight is:
 Bathe your dogs at least 2 days before applying the flea treatment as the skin needs to regain its natural balance of pH and oils. Topical products are distributed all over the skins surface by the fatty acids so this is very important.
 Frontline Plus should not be used on dogs weighing less than 4 lbs or under 8 weeks of age
 Treat all pets at the same time. Please keep an eye on them to ensure that they will not lick each other; ingestion of the topical products can cause serious adverse reactions. 
 Treat each pet with the correct version of the product. Make sure the whole quantity of solution is deposited directly on the skin in a place where it cannot be licked off. If there is too much solution it can be applied in two spots.
 Please read the information provided with the products. Please follow the indications of use in order to get maximum effect following treatments. It is important that all the suspension is placed directly on the skin and not in the coat. 
 Do not let your dogs swim for two days after the treatment. Bear in mind that frequent swimming will reduce the efficiency of the topical products.
 In cases of high flea numbers, treatment of the environment (house/yard) is recommended. Products with insecticides and insect growth regulators are desirable as they help in reduction of the flea’s numbers. Environment treatment should be done at the same time as the pets’ treatments, they should be repeated twice at time intervals of two weeks and then whenever the flea numbers rise again. Do not vacuum or wash the floors for two days after the treatment so that the product has time to disperse and act. 
I am hoping this will help and I wish you and your dogs a pleasant summer! Without fleas!



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I bought advantage 2 for my dogs. I have 4 and three of them weigh about the same. The smaller one weighs about 25 lbs. I need to know why the advantage is not working on them and also if you could recommend a flea and tick medicine that will work. They stay inside more than out. My girls are itching up a storm and I feel bad for them. Please help us. BTW Sable was a few months younger in the picture. Thanks, D. Ford ...?

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