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Question from Lynnweber

my dog has some kind of skin condition as a result of a tick bite about four months ago ..i have had him to a local vet numerous times and he has given him steriod shots which seemed to stop the itching for a day or two..now i am using a supplement(dinovite) that will eventually work, but i have bathed him in a gentle shampoo which seems to have eased the scratching and i just moved, so that is most of the problem and i have treated the surrounding grounds at my new place with a strong fleas and tick deterrent.. i brush him regularly and have noticed his neck seems to have become minus fur, so i try to take his collar off as much as possible would a gentle skin cream, minus perfumes, be helpful, or should i just keep giving him the supplement in addition to changing his diet to healthier food and cooking foods to encourage him to eat? he likes the supplement and i think it is helping him

Our Vet Says:

Dear Lynn, it is very difficult to answer your questions because I need a lot more information to narrow down the possibilities. First of all I would need to know where you live in order to know what ticks we are talking about and what disease it might be. All tick borne diseases can cause irritation of the skin at the tick’s attachment site; sometimes it is mild and disappears without treatment and at other times it can be quite severe. In most cases the rash disappears within 10 days and it is followed by fever usually accompanied by muscle aches and fatigue. If the condition has been ongoing for four months, things seem to be quite serious and general treatment might be needed. But in order to start a treatment we need to know what we are facing.  In some tick borne diseases general antibiotic treatment is a must accompanied by supportive treatment. If left untreated skin infections can occur on top of the primordial disease. The symptoms can persist for six months and longer. Again I have to emphasize that additional information and tests are needed to get to a positive diagnosis.
In general, the following ideas can help improve skin health:
-          Specific diet based on age, level of activity and health status (in your case for sensitive skin). Home cooked food is not recommended in this case. You can add treats in the diet to help incrfease appetite.
-          Supplements with Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and A (you already have this covered with Dinovite)
-          Extra care at bath time to rinse out all the shampoo from the coat
-          Use of gentle/mild shampoos, skip the conditioner
-          Keep the dog pest free (especially no fleas or ticks). K9Advantix II and Frontline Plus are good preventive product for fleas and ticks. Fleas are the number one reason for which dogs will scratch, especially in the neck area. They are small creatures and the owners might not see them at the grooming sessions but they are there, so prevention is very important.
I hope this information will be helpful. If you require more advice please do not hesitate to write again.


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