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Question from Barbara Higgins

Skylar, Kylie,Shane

German Shepherd Dogs, age 5

I have 3 dogs and a cat. One of the newer flea and ticks meds for dogs contains Cyphenothrin. I just wanted to know if this ingredient is deadly to cats if they happen to come in contact with it before it has dried. I have had good success with frontline plus and plan to stick with it--my brother hasn’t been so lucky and his cats sleep with his dogs. Should he avoid Cyphenothrin and all other products to keep his cats safe? Thanks, Barb
Our Vet Says:

Cyphenothrin and cypermethrin are both insecticides from the pyrethroid class. Permethrin (active ingredient of K9Advantix) is also from the same class. In the case of permethrin it is known worldwide that it can cause death in cats. There have been a few reported cypermethrin toxicosis in cats and dogs, where it produced nervous and digestive symptoms. So far I have not heard of any reports in the case of Cyphenothrin but I would not use it on my cat. I would like to advise extra precaution when using this active ingredient around cats.

Symptoms which you/your brother should look out for include lethargy, vomiting, hyper-salivation. Treatment is symptomatic and in the case of permethrin intoxication in cats the prognosis is very bad.   


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