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Question from Dan Kramer


Cocker Spaniel, age 17

My Cocker Spaniel is 17 years old, very healthy other than the fact that she is profoundly deaf which is not uncommon for Cockers. About 3 years ago she developed some type of skin irritation. No doctor could figure out what was going on. We bathed her everyday to scrub the scabs off her. She has been doing better; the baths help alot. Recently we took her to the vet; they thought it might be a skin fungus but the treatment would be too hard on her given her age. Because of this irritation we have not been using flea/tick drops on her for the past few years. Due to the extreme heat last year and the lack of a winter here in Oklahoma, we fear the fleas & ticks are going to be horrible this summer. I have purchased frontline, which is what we have used in the past, to give her some kind of protection. I am hoping this is not going to cause this skin irritation to return. What do you think

Our Vet Says:

There are a few problems with the use of Frontline on your dog:

-       Frontline is a topical product, it is administered on the skin and will be distributed across the skin by the natural oils. If your dog has a skin problem the product will not be very effective due to reduced coverage of the skin.

-       Frequent bathing reduces the product effiicacy as well. The manufacturer advises not to bathe the pet 2 days prior to treatment and 2 days after treatment. If there is a skin condition present, and it is not treated, I personally would not advise the use of any product on the skin, unless it is a critical condition

For these reasons I would like to propose the use of a flea tablet to keep the infestation under control. There are many product on the market, i.e. Capstar (adult fleas) and Program Plus (immature stages of fleas). Please bear in mind that your house will need treatment as well.


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