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Question from Heidi Carpino

Molly is a medium hair, spayed female cat. She will turn 3 in May. Last fall she began to tear out all of her hair that she could reach. She has continued to do this until her sides, stomach, part of her tail and hind legs have very little hair on them. Where she cannot reach, she has a beautiful coat (back, neck, and head). She did have fleas last summer but we were able to get the situation under control and she has not had fleas since November. She still continue to remove what hair she can reach. Could this be a symptom of a medical problem or does she possibly have a mental problem? Other than this problem, she is very healthy and extremely affectionate.

Our Vet Says:

Based on your description, this could be a medical problem or could be due to diet. The diet for spayed cats is different from normal cats and it is very important to have a proper diet as the hormonal level changes after the cats are spayed and one of the side effect can be loss of hair. My advice is to go in for a vet consultation and diagnosis.


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I have alwaysused topical flea products non Cloey ever since she nwas old enough. This last summer I used Advantage and within about three weeks I had to put it on Cloey again. I found two types of fleas on her some were real teeny black ones and some were nbigger brown ones. The flea stuff worked for only 3 weeks on these fleas. when I used to buy it it used to say on the box works for up to three months and it DID. Have the companies watered the product down so that I have to buy it more...?

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