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William Timmer
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Question from Nancy Wheaton

Winston, Albert And Jaxon

2 Chi’s And 1 Mix, age

Good evening!! Our two chi’s are 2 and 4 years old and Jaxon, the mix is 9. We have them on K9 Advantix II and I am starting to question it. Firstly, after applying it, the dogs shed terribly more than normal and secondly, just before they are due, they scratch like crazy. After researching the product and all the insecticide that make this topical drug, I want to know if there is something else we can do to keep fleas away. I am worried for the health of our beautiful dogs. Thank you! (please excuse the bad photo, but it is Christmas morning and they are opening their presents!)
Our Vet Says:

There are several products which work against fleas but in all of them the active ingredient is an insecticide.Unfortunately there is no product which works against fleas and does not have an insecticide as an active ingredient. There are several products on the market with active ingredient other than Imidacloprid and Permethrin, which is contained in K9Advantix and K9Advantix II. There is Frontline Plus with active ingredient (fipronil and S methoprene), Capstar with active ingredient Nitenpyram which is very well tolerated by pets. Fleas are insects and to kill them, you need to use a product which has an insecticide as an active ingredient. My advice is to use Frontline Plus or Capstar because the side effects are low.


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