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Question from Gloria Andrews

I have two cats - one 6 mo. male kitten & one large adult female, both neutered. The kitten has a large flea infestation - all the time. We bathe and use Advantage II, still gets re-infested. The female has virtually no fleas, none of the human inhabitants of the house get flea bites. But the kitten continues to get more & more fleas even after bathing. Why does only one cat get the fleas, even though both have advantage II on a regular schedule - they eat the same food & sleep together? What can we do now? We vacuum & spray the carpets - but, as I said, none of the humans even have gotten one flea bite.

Our Vet Says:

It is very important not to bathe your cats for two days before and after application. There is a substance on the skin which protects the skin and helps in product absorption. If you bathe your pet just before application, this substance will be removed and the product can not be properly absorbed.When you apply the next pipette please don’t bathe your pet two days before or after application.
Please read the leaflet enclosed with the product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


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