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Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control

Frontline Plus is the most recommended flea tick control for dogs and cats. It is a monthly topical treatment that kills and controls fleas, ticks and chewing lice found on cats and dogs.

Frontline Plus destroys all stages of ticks and fleas including flea eggs, larvae and pupae preventing any chances of future infestations. In only 12 hours of its application, this spot-on treatment destroys 100% adult fleas and in 48 hours Frontline Plus eliminates brown dog ticks, the American dog ticks, lone star ticks, deer ticks and chewing lice.

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Frontline Plus for Dogs & Cats

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What Makes Frontline Plus Effective

Frontline Plus contains Fipronil and S-methoprene as active ingredients that attack parasites and control their growth.

Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that attacks the central nervous system of fleas and ticks. It blocks chloride channels of the affected pests resulting in hyper excitation of their nerves and muscles which paralyses and kills them.

S-methoprene is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that destroys immature life stages of parasites.

The combined effect of these powerful ingredients eradicates fleas and ticks found on the treated pet. On application, the ingredients get stored in the sebaceous glands and are continuously released by the hair follicles of the pets. As the treatment is water resistant, the efficiency of ingredients remains same even after the pet gets wet. The uninterrupted action of these insecticides for a period of 30 days results in eliminating flea and tick population.


  • A Merial product, made with high manufacturing standards
  • Easy to apply spot-on treatment
  • Monthly protection against parasites
  • Kills existing fleas within 12 hours of application
  • Destroys chewing lice & all stages of ticks within 48 hours
  • Prevents future parasite infestations for four continuous weeks
  • Waterproof; lasts even after your pet gets wet
  • Controls sarcoptic mange infection
  • Aids in the treatment of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

Safety & Precautions

Follow the label instructions for details of application, precautions and more. Do not allow children to apply the treatment.

  • Do not use on kittens and puppies younger than 8 weeks of age
  • Do not use on pets other than cats or dogs
  • Do not use on pets allergic to any of the ingredients of the treatment
  • Use the pack that is relevant to the pet species and is in accordance with her weight
  • Keep away from children, pets and food products
  • Store at normal temperature, (below 30 degree C)
  • It is an inflammable solution. So, keep away from heat
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while applying the solution
  • Do not touch the application site until it is completely dry
  • Do not re-apply before a month
  • Do not allow children and other pets from grooming the treated pet
  • While applying, keep the applicator away from the pet’s eyes and mouth
  • If it enters the pet’s eyes then wash off with lots of water. If by any means the pet licks it then consult a vet immediately.
  • Adhere to label instructions and follow your vet’s advice.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water after applying the treatment.
  • Side effects are rare but may occur to hypersensitive pets. Your dog or cat may show temporary irritation at the application site. Other adverse effects like vomiting, excessive salivation, hyperesthesia or other unusual reaction may be observed. If your pet shows any of these symptoms then consult a vet at the earliest.

Recommended Dosage:

Dosage details can be checked from the table. Weigh your pet, cross check with the pack color and buy the relevant pack. Apply at spots that cannot be licked by the pet to keep it safe & effective.

Frontline Plus for dogs
Frontline Plus for dogs is available in different color-coded packs that are categorised as per the weight range of dogs.


Pack Color/strong>


Recommended Dosage



Small dogs- Up to 22 lbs

Apply 1 applicator
once a month (0.67 ml)


Medium dogs- 23 to 44 lbs

Apply 1 applicator
once a month (1.34 ml)


Large dogs-
45 to 88 lbs

Apply 1 applicator
once a month (2.68 ml)


Extra Large dogs-
89 to 132 lbs

Apply 1 applicator
once a month (4.02 ml)

Frontline Plus for cats
Frontline Plus for kittens and cats is suitable for felines of any weight. (Orange pack)


Pack Color


Recommended Dosage



All weights

Apply 1 applicator once a month (0.50 ml)

Sensitive pets may experience temporary irritation at the site of application. Other transient skin reactions like itching, scratching, redness and hair loss may be observed at the application site—which is normal although if the symptoms of irritation do not subside for a couple of days then consult a vet immediately.

Frequency of application

Repeat every month to prevent future infestation. Use it year round for complete control over fleas, ticks and lice. Follow a date schedule for monthly application.

Storage and disposal

Store any unused applicators in the original container only. Keep the package out of reach of children and animals. Store at a cooler place, as the contents are highly inflammable.

Pesticide disposal: Do not dispose any unused product into an indoor or outdoor drain. Call local solid waste agency or 1-800-CLEANUP FREE for disposal instructions.

Container disposal: Do not reuse an empty container. Throw in trash or offer for recycling if available. Take veterinarian advice for the best method to dispose the packs and containers.

Valid for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs, 8 weeks and older kittens and cats
Manufacturer Merial
Availability OTC product
Brand name Frontline

Frontline Spray (Alternative to Frontline Plus spot-on)

Frontline Spray is another form of this spot-on treatment that is made available in an easy to use spray bottle. It is highly useful for combating heavy flea and tick infestations. It contains Fipronil as the active ingredient, which kills all stages of American dog ticks, lone star ticks, deer ticks, brown dog ticks and adult fleas.

Suitable for 2 Days and older kittens, puppies and adult cats and dogs, this treatment also gives fast relief from lice infestations. It is an OTC product which is easily available.

How to apply Frontline Spray?

Wear gloves first. Shake the bottle well. Hold it in upright position. Slowly spray on the pet’s back, stomach, shoulders, neck, sides, legs and keep ruffling the fur with another hand. For area around the head and eyes, spray a small amount of Frontline Spray on the gloved hand and gently rub into the pet’s fur. Make sure it does not enter the pet’s eyes. While spraying, keep away from the pet’s eyes and mouth. Apply 1 or 2 pumps per pound of bodyweight. Allow it to dry completely. Repeat at every month. You can bathe your pet after 24 hours. Follow label instructions for other details.

Other details are similar to Frontline Plus spot-on treatment. Refer to it for any queries or consult your veterinarian for more information about Frontline Spray.

How To Apply Frontline Plus On Your Pet


When can I start using Frontline Plus on my pet?

Start when your puppies and kittens reach 8 weeks of age. Continue the monthly treatment for a year round to get the best results.

How much time does Frontline Plus take to destroy fleas and ticks?

It starts killing fleas within 4 hours of application and destroys 100% fleas within 12 hours. It takes 48 hours to kill ticks and chewing lice.

How does Frontline Plus kill fleas and ticks?

Frontline Plus has two powerful ingredients – Fipronil and S-methoprene. The first one is an effective insecticide that attacks the nervous system of the pests. This results in hyper-excitation, paralysis and eventual death while S-methoprene with larvicidal properties kills immature life stages including eggs, larvae and pupae. The combined action of both eliminates & prevents flea and tick population.

Does Frontline Plus protect my pet from painful flea bites?

Frontline Plus kills through contact, so the parasites do not need to bite your pet to ingest the treatment. This way, it saves your pet from painful insect bites.

I find more fleas on my pet’s body after using Frontline Plus. Why?

Fleas are usually hidden below the pet’s fur. When Frontline Plus is applied, those fleas lose their grip due to hyper excitation of nerves and muscles. Dying fleas thus rise up on the coat. Therefore, more number of fleas, on the contrary, suggests that the treatment is doing its job well which is a positive sign.

What about expiry and contraindications of Frontline Plus?

The treatment does not have any expiry date. Sealed pack well kept at room temperature will keep it safe and effective for usage at any time.

Contraindications apply if your pet is sensitive to any of the ingredients. Check with a vet for the sensitivity of the pet. If the pooch or kitty cannot tolerate any of the ingredients then stop using it or follow the vet’s advice.

Is it a waterproof treatment?

Yes! Frontline Plus is water-resistant. It remains effective even if the pet gets wet. Only precaution is to keep the treated pet away from water for 24 hours after application. After that, your pet can enjoy a splash in the water or go for swimming.

Can I use Frontline Plus if the pet is on medication?

Check with your vet on this. Apply Frontline Plus on convalescing pets only if the vet advises you to do so.

Can I use it in conjunction with other flea control treatments?

Mixing medication without proper supervision is always a bad idea, even when it comes to your pet's flea and tick medications. Always read product labels, particularly the drug interaction sections if you intend to combine products; and check with your vet before combining it with any other treatments.

Does Frontline Plus kill any other parasites?

Yes! It is also effective in destroying chewing lice.

What is the frequency of application of Frontline Plus?

Monthly usage is recommended. Do not repeat before the scheduled date. Consult your vet for further queries on this.

Is it safe for pregnant and lactating cats or dogs?

Frontline Plus shows high margin of safety. It can be used on breeding pets, pregnant and lactating queens and female dogs.

When can I switch to Frontline Plus if my pet is being treated with another flea preventive?

Follow your vet’s advice on this.

Do I need to apply Frontline Plus in winter season?

Yes! Although flea attack slows down in winters but even a few of them can prove hazardous for your pet. So, use it year round to protect your pets from fleas, ticks, chewing lice and the diseases caused by any of these parasites.

What are the adverse effects of Frontline Plus for cats and dogs?

Frontline Plus shows high margin of safety but sensitive pets may feel temporary irritation at the site of application. This may subside without any clinical intervention. Other side effects like vomiting, excessive salivation, hyperesthesia or other unusual reaction may be observed as per the individual sensitivity of the pet. Consult a vet immediately for this and follow his advice.

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