Five Latest Pet Products to Test and Try

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Fleas and ticks, not to forget sundry parasites, can make your pet’s life miserable.  We bring diverse products in our attempt for providing best possible cure for your loving pets.  Today we are introducing five new products.  We hope to receive your support, as always, while we assure our best services.  

1) Bio Spot Defense for Dogs
Some topical solutions work only on fleas – Advantage II for example.  Here is a product that works on both fleas and ticks, a highly recommended product where both these species are endemic.

Bio Spot Defense for Dogs

Bio Spot Defense Spot-on for Dogs is once a month topical formulation that provides long-term protection to your pets by effectively killing fleas and ticks, eliminating flea eggs and larvae, and by repelling mosquitoes.  The product is safe on dogs over 6 months of age.

This product comes with a unique, specially designed Smart Shield Applicator that makes your task easy and mess free.  The applicator is easy to load and apply.  Just insert the tube into the applicator, close its lid and squeeze to apply on the skin by parting the dog’s hair.

Product Specifications:

Dog Size and Weight                      Dosage                 Ingredients                        Pack Contents


Toy Dogs (6-12 lbs)                          0.05 fl oz              Etofenprox 30.0%            3 and 6 tubes

Small Dogs (13-31 lbs)                    0.10 fl oz              S-methoprene 3.6%

Medium Dogs (32-55 lbs)              0.15 fl oz              Pipenoryl Butoxide 5.0%

Large Dogs (56-80 lbs)                    0.20 fl oz              Other 61.4%

Ex. Large Dogs (81 lbs and up)    0.30 fl oz

2) Essential 6 for Dogs
Essential 6 for DogsDoes your dog suffer from dandruff, scales, dry skin, bad odor and excessive hair loss?  Is it prone to allergies?  We recommend Essential 6 from Dermoscent® ,  a 100% natural derma-cosmetic skin care product containing Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, several essential oils (rosemary, lavender, cedar, oregano, neem (margosa), clove, cinnamon, camphor and a lot others) and vitamin E.

Essential 6 is once a week spot-on supplement to be applied directly on the animal’s skin.  It helps maintain healthy skin and coat, deodorizes nasty smells, helps with hair growth, and cures skin deficiencies.

Available Sizes: Small dog (< 10 kg) 0.6 ml; medium dog (10-20 kg) 1.2 ml; and large dog (20-40 kg) 2.4 ml – in packing of 4 pipettes each.  Dosage: Initial dose one pipette per week for 2 months; continue one pipette every fortnight thereafter.

3) Essential 6 for Cats
Essential 6 for Cats is a product with similar ingredients as for dogs.  The 4-pipette pack of 0.06 ml should also be applied in same dosage as in dogs.  

4) Scalibor® Tick Collars for Dogs

Scalibor Tick Collars for DogsScalibor is a new and easy way to protect your dogs (12 weeks or older) from tick and tick-borne diseases.  Scalibor Protector Band kills up to 98% ticks within 24 hours and provides six months of protection against ticks, flies and mosquitoes. It also acts against fleas.  The dog collar contains the active ingredient deltamethrin 4.0%, which slowly releases onto the skin by friction every time your dog moves.

Instructions: Put the collar on dog’s neck as directed on the package.  Two applications will give a yearlong protection without the need of applying monthly spot-on treatments. The product is odorless and water resistant.  Complete protection may take effect after 1 or 2 weeks of first application.

5) Multivitamin and Mineral Tablets for Dogs
There is an array of multivitamin and mineral supplements for dogs.  Please visit the relevant pages for specific products. Following is a partial list:

Pet-Tabs: Chewable multivitamin and mineral tablets contain both macro and trace elements.  Recommended daily dosage is a half tablet for small dogs, 1 for medium dogs and 2 for large ones.  Feed it directly or mix with food.

Pet-Guard: Multivitamin and multi-mineral tablets in a pack of 50 containing vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B12, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid and a host of other supplements.

PitaVet Senior: With gloucosamine is a time-release multivitamin tablet for senior dogs; available in a pack of 365 tablets.

Other similar products include Vitacost, Dancing Paws and Pet Naturals. Please contact us for more information on these and other products.

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