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The "Ask Our Vet" section aims to answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

Each month we'll award $100 to one lucky winner of our 'Question of the Month' prize, which we will choose based on the originality and usefulness of the question. We will publish the winning question and answer on this page every month. Will it be you?

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Question from billy g.

My dog has an itching problem. I use medicated shampoo with no results. I think she has dry skin and no lesions. I can use 1% hydrocortisone spray for temporary relief. I give her fish oil caps occasionally. Any suggestions?...

Our vet answers:

You can try changing her diet to a diet for sensitive skin or to a hypoallergenic diet. You should be able to see results within a few weeks of doing so. Ensure that you are giving her good protection from fleas as sometimes it is possible for dogs to have fleas without you being able to see them. You can use hydrocortisone spray but this will not resolve the problem. It will ameliorate the itching but not get rid of it.....

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Congratulations to billy g., who is the December winner of the Question of the Month

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Hi, from Oregon... My cat seems to have less protection from the flea and tick meds I’ve used for years: shows signs of eggs, and meds wearing off before the monthly dose is completed. I’ve been us ...

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My pug who was 24 lbs was allergic to all the dog foods we tried. He was getting so sick throwing up and running stools. The doctor gave him some meds and it made things worse. I feared he was dying ...

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I have always used advantage flea control...I know that you cant use advantix if you have a question is ...can I use frontline plus on my dogs if they are around my cat ...

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Every year chi chi goes to the vet and gets her rabies booster shot and all her other shots. She is checked for heart worm and stool sample is negative. She also gets a nasal spay in each nostril. I ...

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Why do I require a prescription to purchase oral flea and tick meds.? ...

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She has a build up of wax in the ears what remedies do you recommend for this problem ...

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Is there any way to calm a cat down in a moving car. We must take our cat on an drive about once a week. She is very upset during the entire trip, she constantly meows. I put her on a leash and al ...

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what do you recommend for worms coming out his butt ...

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My cat Susie has a problem she seems to when she get mad at me she pooped outside the litter box. The problem is when I know she had just gone potty her potty is so dry. I bot it and took it to my ...

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are you going to be selling the new tick & flea medicine for cats CHERISTIN in the coming months. tHANKS. ...

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I used capstar and frontline on my cats. ten days latter my cats still have fleas shouldn’t the fleas be dead by now ...

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Greetings! What is the expiration date on Frontline Plus (for cats) on packages if I place a 24 month supplies order today? Thank you. Lan Howard ...

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I have four cats, three of whom get along reasonable well. I keep the aggressive one (Ocie, a female tortie) separate from the other two females and the male. All have been spayed, neutered. The two ...

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My dog has an itching problem. I use medicated shampoo with no results. I think she has dry skin and no lesions. I can use 1% hydrocortisone spray for temporary relief. I give her fish oil caps occasionally. Any suggestions?...??

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