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thanks so much!! Peanut, Mena, Annabelle, Missy, Coco and Lady Gray are much happier now!! :) SOOOO glad i found Budget pet care!! i was going broke paying full price for 6 cats and their monthly flea control!!
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Question from billy g.

My dog has an itching problem. I use medicated shampoo with no results. I think she has dry skin and no lesions. I can use 1% hydrocortisone spray for temporary relief. I give her fish oil caps occasionally. Any suggestions?...

Our vet answers:

You can try changing her diet to a diet for sensitive skin or to a hypoallergenic diet. You should be able to see results within a few weeks of doing so. Ensure that you are giving her good protection from fleas as sometimes it is possible for dogs to have fleas without you being able to see them. You can use hydrocortisone spray but this will not resolve the problem. It will ameliorate the itching but not get rid of it.....

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Congratulations to billy g., who is the December winner of the Question of the Month

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My dog has an itching problem. I use medicated shampoo with no results. I think she has dry skin and no lesions. I can use 1% hydrocortisone spray for temporary relief. I give her fish oil caps occasionally. Any suggestions?...??

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