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Advantage for Dogs

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Advantage for dogs

Advantage for dogs offers year-round protection from pesky insects such as fleas, flea larvae and lice that are irritating to your dog.

Within minutes, Advantage will kill all fleas on your dogs. The active ingredient, imidacloprid, acts quickly on the flea's nervous system to paralyze and kill them within 12 hours of application.

Each dose comes in a handy single-use tube for quick and easy treatment which will kill 100% of chewing lice within 7 days of application, and will keep your pet protected for a full month.

Each dose of Advantage for dogs will treat a dog for a whole month.

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Advantage Small Dogs/ Pups 1-10lbs (Green)

Advantage Small Dogs/ Pups 1-10lbs (Green)
Pack SizeQty.Old PriceDiscounted
Price ( 33% Off )
4 MONTHS $ 44.76$ 29.99 Add to Cart
6 + 2 FREE $ 80.58$ 53.99 Add to Cart
12 + 4 FREE $ 156.70$ 104.99 Add to Cart

Advantage Medium Dogs 11-20lbs (Aqua)

Advantage Medium Dogs 11-20lbs (Aqua)
Pack SizeQty.Old PriceDiscounted
Price ( 33% Off )
4 MONTHS $ 52.22$ 34.99 Add to Cart
6 + 2 FREE $ 85.06$ 56.99 Add to Cart
12 + 4 FREE $ 158.19$ 105.99 Add to Cart

Advantage Large Dogs 21-55lbs (Red)

Advantage Large Dogs 21-55lbs (Red)
Pack SizeQty.Old PriceDiscounted
Price ( 33% Off )
4 MONTHS $ 55.21$ 36.99 Add to Cart
6 + 2 FREE $ 88.43$ 59.25 Add to Cart
12 + 4 FREE $ 161.18$ 107.99 Add to Cart

Advantage Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs (Blue)

Advantage Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs (Blue)
Pack SizeQty.Old PriceDiscounted
Price ( 33% Off )
4 MONTHS $ 56.70$ 37.99 Add to Cart
6 + 2 FREE $ 89.54$ 59.99 Add to Cart
12 + 4 FREE $ 162.67$ 108.99 Add to Cart

Advantage for Dogs


Advantage for dogs is a topical 'spot-on' application for the treatment and prevention of fleas and lice on dogs.


Care should be taken to ensure that Advantage flea treatment is not given to unweaned puppies that are younger than 8 weeks of age.

As this is an topical (applied to the skin) treatment, Advantage for Dogs should not be given orally. Care should also be taken to avoid the treatment from coming into contact with your dog's eyes or mouth whilst administering Advantage.

After treatment, you may notice that your dog may suffer from salivation if it licks the application area. This is a normal effect and will disappear shortly after treatment.

In rare occasions, some side effects may occur, which may include skin lesions, redness of the skin, and hair loss.

Avoid contact with certain materials, including plastics, leather, fabric and finished surfaces, as Advantage may stain.

As with any pet medication, wash your hands following use with soap and running water. People with sensitive skin are advised to wear protection - as Advantage contains benzyl alcohol this may cause some skin irritation.


Each tube of Advantage for dogs flea treatment contains 0.4 ml (40 mg imidacloprid), 1.0 ml (100 mg imidacloprid), 2.5 ml (250 mg imidacloprid), 4.0 ml (400 mg imidacloprid), 0.4 ml (40 mg imidacloprid), 0.8 ml (80 mg imidacloprid), 0.4 ml (40 mg imidacloprid) and 0.8 ml (80 mg imidacloprid) respectively as listed above.

The product also contains 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative.



Key Benefits:

• Stops biting fleas in less than five minutes.

• kills fleas quickly, which helps reduce the risk of secondary problems such as flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms.

• Kills 98-100 percent of fleas within 12 hours.

• kills over 99% of flea larvae within 20 minutes.

• kills 100% of chewing lice within one week and lasts for a full month.

• Remains waterproof even if your dog swims or is bathed.

We Guarantee:

• 100% Satisfaction: If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item, return it unopened for full refund within 5 days.

• Product quality: We offer only genuine products selected by our veterinarian and hence provide 100% Product Return Guarantee.

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