Is Your Cat Biting You? Here's Why Cats Love To Bite

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When you are gently petting your cat and suddenly she gives a little nibble on your arm or hand then let me tell you that it’s absolutely normal. That is just the cat’s way of showing affection to their loved one. Although pet parents would be a bit concerned about their cat’s strange behavior it is imperative to know that biting is a form of communication for cats. Not only affection, but there can be many other reasons why cats tend to bite. Though you cannot stop cats from giving love bites, you can at least know why they do that. So let’s get straight to the topic and find out right now!

Before we move ahead it is crucial for you to know there is a difference between cat bite and kitten bite. Here we are talking about the reasons why cats love bites.

Right from showing affection to displaying dominance, cats can convey a lot through their bites. When your cat’s bites, have you ever noticed her body language like how did the bite start? Was it gentle or aggressive? Generally, cats bite for the major three reasons. They want something from you, they are overexcited to show their affection or they are aggressive.

Impatient Bites

It is a normal tendency of cats to bite but it requires your knowledge and experience to know why your cat is being a vampire to you. When you catch your cat biting you’ impatiently, that may be due to the overstimulation which most animals struggle with. The sudden impatient bite from a cat can also indicate that they are done with whatever is happening around. Cats feel highly irritated when they bite impatiently, so, you can calm your cat by constantly stroking on her back or over her hair.

Aggressive Bites

Not all the bites that your cat embraces are friendly or cute; sometimes it can be a sign of aggression too. Cats bite aggressively when they feel fear of something. Aggressive biting from cats can be their reaction when they encounter human reactions and are not used to it. This makes them lose control over the environment or can instigate them to display dominance over other animals or humans they interact with. To stop your cat’s aggressive biting behavior, don’t scream on them. Instead, make a loud voice in a way that signals the cat’s mistake and helps them resolve the situation.

Playful Bites

Cats are playful by nature. They nip and scratch during playtime which is so adorable to watch. But, when you’re sitting around your cat and find her playfully biting you consider it as normal behavior. Cats bite playfully when they translate their playful energy while interacting with humans. When you observe your pet biting you playfully then make some noise and pull your hand or the area they are biting. This will probably distract them from biting and it will also convey that you don’t want to play with them anymore.

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