Valuheart: Generic Heartworm Prevention For Dogs  

Generic Heartworm Prevention For Dogs

Valuheart as an Ivermectin Alternative

Unfortunately, over 100,000 dogs in the USA are diagnosed with heartworm infections every year. This means thousands of pet parents lose their beloved pets due to this life-threatening heartworm disease.

The only way to save your canine companion from succumbing to this widespread and deadly disease is to resort to an effective heartworm prevention treatment like Heartgard Plus. However, the necessity of using such preventive treatments increases their expenditure on pet care.

So, are there any cheaper options available? The answer is yes. There are generic products that are available at half the price of the actual branded products. Continue reading to get an insight into how generic heartworm products can save your money as well as your pet.

Generic Heartworm Prevention for Dogs & Why They’re Cheaper

Both branded heartworm products and generic heartworm products have the same ingredients and are made using the same methods. The only difference between them is the circumstances in which they’re made. Although generic products are cheaper, their quality is not compromised at all. This is because generic drug companies do not bear the same investment costs as brand name companies did in developing the patented product. They don’t have to spend a lot after researching and developing the product, so generic medicines are cheaper.

Overall, generic heartworm preventatives have the same quality and effectiveness as original branded medicines. However, for branding purposes, generic drugs may differ in appearance, color, flavor, and shape from brand-name drugs and must have their own distinct brand name.

Many people surge their pet care expenses by using branded products like Heartgard, but they don’t know that they can get the same effectiveness at half the price with generics.

One such less expensive generic of Heartgard is Valuheart.

Heartgard vs Valuheart

While Heartgard is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, Valuheart is a ValuePlus product. The only differences between these products are their different manufacturers, brand names, packaging, and prices. Apart from that, both share similarities in everything, including ingredients, mode of action, delivery, effectiveness, and manufacturing.

Here are some key points you need to know about Valuheart.

Valuheart- Cheap & Effective Heartworm Prevention

  • Cost-effective heartworm prevention for dogs
  • Easy-to-dose tablet
  • Fights heartworm infections
  • Eliminates tissue stage of heartworm larvae (Dirofilaris immitis)
  • Recommended for puppies and dogs at least 6 weeks of age
  • Suitable to use in conjunction with other flea and tick treatments

Hence, both Valuheart and Heartgard have the same efficacy, ingredients, workings, and authenticity. Valuheart is a generic product of Heartgard, having the same active ingredient, Ivermectin. It will give the exact same results as Heartgard while saving you a lot of money.

Generic version of heartgard tablets with same active ingredients.

Starting at $21 USD Only

If you want to save your dog from the dreadful heartworm disease while spending within your pet care budget, check out Valuheart on BudgetPetCare today!