Understanding Why your Dog Misbehave

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Understanding Your Dogs Misbehavior

Misbehavior in Your Pooch

It is strange to find your pooch misbehaving under certain situations or at wrong place or time. Numerous underlying reasons are responsible for such behaviors, which we generally ignore and sometimes, are not aware of. However, when it comes to our furry friend, understanding the root cause of your dog’s undesirable behaviors is essential to rectify it.

Begin with sorting out your four-legged companion medical issues with the support of your vet, especially when it is the first time that your pooch is showing a behavioral issue. In severe cases, your dog may require a behavioral treatment from a professional dog trainer or therapist.

The Humane Society of the United States in a study estimated that over 65% of the dogs across the country are lodged into shelters due to behavior problems, which could have been prevented successfully through proper care, human affection, and early training by owners.

Different forms of Misbehavior in Dogs

Dogs show varied types of behavioral problems from growling, attacking strangers to tearing things. In some canines, excessive voicing such as yelping, barking, whimpering, howling, whining and other sounds is common. Sometimes, furry companions inclined to destructive behavior when left alone at home. They may push fixtures and furniture out from the place, tear open the arm of a couch, pull everything out of cabinets and drawers or litter their home.

Many times, pet companions are reluctant to obey orders, while other times they may bark, bite or jump on people, frequently dig up the yard, pee all over the living room or chew all the shoes in the house. Take some time to ponder and understand your pooch’s abnormal behavior; it’s not strange and incurable, it is way far corrigible.

Behavior Problems Are Due to

Number of reasons rest underneath that evokes misbehavior in furry pals. For different forms of behaviors, there exist different causes. Additionally, health problems may be a core issue for behavioral changes. If recently, your loveable companion is acting strangely, visit to a vet.

Sometimes, physical activities or mental stimulation brings a drastic change in pooch’s behavior. Stress may also evoke dogs to act out, environmental changes, a new member in the family or a new pet in the home, noise, travelling and many other sources add to this. Occasionally, punishment or scolding your dog can make him go haywire.

Behavioral treatment

Apparently, solution lies in finding the sort of behavior your dog is rendering to and the root cause behind such act. Sometimes, little care, affection and giving more attention to your furry friend resolve most of the behavioral issues. Find for any new source of stress in your pet’s life. Bring some chewy toys, take on walks, engage in some fun-filled activity, visit to dog parks while interacting with other animals and people greatly bring drastic changes in his behavior. A treat can also play a vital role in correcting his behavior. If still you find the problem exists and you can’t help, visit to your vet and talk about stress management, behavioral therapy, calming medicines or other supplements to resolve severe problems.

A mentally fit pet adds up gallons of happiness in our lives, and anything wrong with them just builds stress and tension for you. So, a proper care curved with love makes both you and his life exciting.

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