Tips for Travelling with your Pet

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Pets are part of family and it needs a heavy heart to deposit them at kennels or dog shelters while you are travelling.  If your family is fond of travelling, you must take your pet along occasionally.  But travelling with your pet can be fun and problem at the same time, especially for first-time owners. It requires a well-thought out plan.

Tips for Travelling with your Pet

Tips for travelling with pet


  • Whatever the mode of your travel, buy a large, sturdy, airy, leak-proof crate, labeled “Live Animal.”
  • A sturdy leash and dog collar with dog’s identification tags are must.
  • Take your pet to vet for health check. Keep pet’s vaccination record ready and get health certificate if travelling by plane. Pack pet medicines and pet nutrition supplements
  • Buy pet insurance covering health and transit.
  • Verify with airline/bus/train company as well as hotel at your destination whether they allow pets.
  • Avoid travelling with very young, aged, ill, injured or pregnant animals.

Travelling by Car with your Pet

  • Take your pet on short trips to get her used to the car.
  • The crate is the safest way of carrying pets, especially cats. If your dog likes to travel without the crate, keep the car well ventilated. Do not let her sit in the front seat. Do not let her ride with head sticking out of the window, as dirt and debris could lodge in her eyes and nostrils.
  • Make frequent stops for exercise and potty breaks.
  • If your dog is prone to carsickness, do not feed her anything a few hours before travel.  Allow her plenty of water though.

Travelling by Plane with your Pet

  • Each airline has its own rules on pet travel regarding the type of crate, health certification, vaccinations. Very small pets and cats are usually allowed to ride in cabin in a crate or carrier.
  • Prefer non-stop flights. Book tickets well in advance. Confirm your flight one day before departure.  Reach airport earlier than usual to complete the formalities.
  • Do not make your pet ride with full stomach.

Travelling by Bus or Train with your Pet

  • As pets are not permitted in Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses, try using alternative rail and bus companies.
  • Many cruise lines allow pets, including meals for them.


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