Celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Day

The American Kennel Club (AKC) established Responsible Dog Ownership Day to educate the public in their respective areas about what it means to be a responsible pet owner and how to improve relationships between dogs and their pet parents. This day is honored on the third Saturday of September each year. It is September 18 this year.

Many of us are dog-parent, but what exactly does it mean to be a responsible dog parent? What can you do to honor responsible dog ownership? To commemorate Responsible Dog Ownership Day, you can do the following to honor your fur-baby while also practicing your own responsible pet parenting.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day


Set up frequent veterinary check-ups for your dog so that you may seek appropriate health treatment for your canine companion. Your dog’s medical needs change as he develops, which is why it’s critical to see your veterinarian on a regular basis to see what your dog requires at this point in his life, such as immunizations, dental treatment, and dietary requirements.


Your dog, like you, requires exercise. In fact, responsible dog ownership necessitates keeping your fur-baby active in order for them to remain physically fit. Exercises such as daily walks, running, swimming, and even fun are beneficial to their health. Find a form of exercise that your dog appreciates and perform it on a regular basis.

How To Be A Good Dog Owner?


Your dog’s socialization is essential since it determines how effectively he interacts with people, other animals, and other canines. Because some dogs become quickly stressed when confronted with unknown surroundings, early exposure to a variety of situations and conditions will help them cope with stress later in life. Socialization includes good introductions to other dogs of various breeds, exposure to various sorts of humans, visits to parks, pack walks, meet-and-greets, and so on. Socialization also makes your pet feel more at ease in his surroundings.


Securing your dog’s safety entails ensuring that he thrives and lives in a safe and risk-free environment. This includes housing, clean drinking water, food, and fencing (if he stays outside a lot of times). Securing your pet’s safety also entails microchipping him and keeping his IDs up to date and always with him in case he gets lost.

These are just four ways to be a responsible pet owner this Responsible Dog Ownership Day. What more can you do to commemorate the occasion? Please leave us a comment with your suggestions! Share this message on your own social media sites to remind others of this day and let everyone know you are a Responsible Pet Owner. Enjoy your canine pals, today and every day!

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