FAQ on Novartis CapStar Dogs & Puppies Flea Tablets

Capstar FAQs

When it comes to CapStar, pet owners have a number of questions related to the product. To solve your queries related to CapStar, and help you decide why you should opt for CapStar.

Here are most important FAQs on CapStar:

What is CapStar?

CapStar is an effective flea treatment that comes in tablet form – an oral flea medication for dogs.

What does CapStar treat for?

CapStar tablets treat for adult fleas on dogs. It kills most of the fleas and protects pets from flea infestation.

Do I need a prescription to be able to buy Capstar?

No, you do not need any prescription from a vet to purchase CapStar tablets.

How quickly do Capstar flea tablets work?

Within half an hour of ingestion, CapStar starts working on fleas. It destroys about 90% of adult fleas on dogs within 4 hours.

How does CapStar works on my pet?

It works effectively on both heavily and less infested dogs. It kills around 90% adult fleas on your dog. CapStar kills by blocking neural message transmission in fleas. Thus, within 30 minutes of intake, its fast-action formula kills fleas.

Does CapStar treat flea eggs and larvae?

CapStar flea tablets will not destroy flea eggs and larvae. It is advisable to use Capstar in conjunction with the monthly flea tablet Program, or another longer-lasting flea treatment, to destroy flea life cycle and prevent re-infestation.

How long does Capstar flea treatment remain effective?

This oral treatment provides protection from fleas for 24 hours.

how long does CapStar for dog last

CapStar flea pills offer 24 hours of protection from fleas. If you find fleas again on your pet, you can provide another dose of capstar.

How long after using CapStar can I wash my dog or let him swim?

CapStar is an oral treatment. Therefore, it does not require any restrictions of bathing and swimming. Just after administration, you can take your dog for a swim or a bath.

How old does my dog need to be before I start using CapStar?

You can use it on puppies from 4 weeks of age.

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How do I give CapStar to my dog?

You can directly place the tablet into the mouth, or can be given with a small portion of your dogs’ food.

Can I use CapStar with any other flea treatments?

Yes, you can use it with any other flea treatment. We would recommend that you do this as well, so your dog is treated for a full month. Using Capstar before using other flea treatment drops also helps them work better.

Does CapStar has any side effects on pets?

Capstar is a brand product. It is very rare that your dog will have any possible side effects due to Capstar. If you find any abnormal signs in your pet, due to capstar administration, you should immediately take your pet to a vet.


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