Learning About The Importance That Happy Cat Month Holds

Importance That Happy Cat Month Holds

Yes, cats are also entitled to be celebrated for their precious presence in this world. A healthy cat is always a happy cat with the best cat-parents to take care of her. Happy Cat Month was an initiative started by CATalyst Council to spread the awareness about the importance of well-being of a cat. Let’s gather around people with your feline friends to celebrate and learn the importance of cat health and how to keep them happy and safe.

It is often pointed out that cats need lesser attention and head banging to be taught manners and trained than the dogs. This misconception must be taken out of mind of all the people, as cats are no different from dogs as a house pet. Both need to be trained well to avoid any mishaps and both need equal amount of love, care and affection by their parents.

Happy Cat Month is divided into 4 weeks of fun varied by different themes to spread knowledge covering all the aspects of a feline’s life.

  • Week 1 – Happy Healthy Cat
  • Week 2 – Happy Enriched Cat
  • Week 3 – Happy Multi-Cat
  • Week 4 – Happy Valued Cat

Focusing on Week 1 – Happy Healthy Cat here are a few points you must retain in your mind to improvise your kitty’s health

  • A friendly vet visit every once in a while will be beneficial
  • Get a cat health insurance to cover up during any major accidents
  • Take all the necessary preventions regarding fleas and ticks, wormers etc.
  • Microchip your cat. An id tag or a collar won’t always help in finding your lost kitten
  • Know the symptoms when your cat is sick

The delight of celebrating Week 2 – Happy Enriched Cat is to improve her stimulation mentally as well as physically. For week 2 these are the few tasks that you can ensure to do for enriching a cat’s system.

  • Know the nature of the cats and enrich their personality accordingly. Cats love to climb. Providing spaces or building spaces, which ensures cat’s adventurous activities, makes them boost their energy levels with passing their time.
  • Indoor cats love to sit besides window and look at the outside world, observe and entertain themselves. A room with a window to peep out makes them contended.
  • Cats love to be challenged at a mental level and enjoy solving a number of puzzles at the end of which their efforts are appreciated with a bite of treats.
  • Enrichment of one’s persona is a crucial part of enhancing their well-being.

Week 3 – Happy Safe Cat of the Cat Month focuses on the persistent topic of cat’s safety. Providing safe and secured surroundings to the cats keeps you and your feline friend out of plausible dangers. What are the steps that you can take to ensure complete protection of kitty?

  • Cats are concerned pets who for their safety will climb up the heights and hide themselves if sense any danger.
  • Threats to cat are a lot different from what people assume. For them any new changes are a sign of threat. Getting a carrier for your cat and making it feel homely so she can safely get into it and rest is a good way of ensuring safe environment.
  • If your cat is an indoor pet than you have to very particular about what you leave out in her reach. There are a list of items that can be harmful to your little kitty’s health and prove hazardous like rubber bands, threads, electric cords, medications, certain plants, food items like caffeine, onion, chocolates etc.
  • For outdoor safety, always have an id tag attached to her collar even if she is micro chipped. Make sure she doesn’t sniff or eat some hazardous plants.
  • Always carry a first-aid kit and pet supplies essentials along with you when travelling with your cat.

Coming onto Week 4 – Happy Valued Cat, let’s take a look at the benefits you can prevail by having a feline friend.

  • Cats are the best companions, they are adorable and fluffy and great cuddling partners.
  • Being around a cat, after you have had a long tiring day at work and coming home to your dear little kitty will reduce your stress levels considerably.
  • Cat’s purring has healing power.
  • A close and well-bonded relationship with your cat can prove to be very helpful as they heal pain and comfort you when you are undergoing any difficult situation. Even if you are ill, they’ll make you more relaxed and comfy.

If your cat value you this much for being such a great parent and around her, giving her all the space she needs, you must also take good care of her health. Taking all the essential precautions to safeguard her from getting sick and providing a healthy fit diet for her optimum growth level are all perfect for her.