Glucosamine for Dogs – Limits the Risk of Arthritis

Arthritis does not discriminate between humans and animals. It affects not only old people but also distresses the health conditions of our pets. If you are a dog owner, you will always ensure that your pet is healthy. However, at times, you will notice that he is not playful, facing difficulty in getting up and moving around, shows inflammation in joints and display lameness in certain limbs. When you come across such signs, it is high time to look into the matter, as these are the common symptoms of arthritis.

Though our pets face arthritic and joint pain same as humans, they are unable to tell us what troubles them. Therefore, it depends on us to look for the signs and symptoms that our furry friends face, and provide them better care. Moreover, the most common conditions of arthritis in dogs are Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease.

Among the various causes, arthritis may also be caused by infection, joint trauma, elbow dysplasia, osteochondrosis or hip dysplasia. This joint degenerative disease not only affects dogs and cats but puppies and kittens too are not exceptions. Compared to light weight and small animals, heavyweight and large animals are more likely to suffer from arthritis at an early age.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of arthritis that pets show are

  • Appear to have swollen, stiff or sore joints.
  • Walk limply or stiffly.
  • Show stiffness or discomfort when getting up from ground.
  • Seem to experience pain when touched in certain areas.
  • Display lameness in certain limbs.
  • Are hesitant to jump, to run or climb stairs.
  • Seem to find certain positions uncomfortable or painful.
  • Suffer from loss of flexibility in their joints.
  • Decreased energy and desire for any physical activity.

Though arthritis is a centuries old joint disease, there is no cure for this disease; certainly, there exists treatments that decrease inflammation and pain, and increase mobility in pets.

For treating arthritis, there are numerous medicines – some of them are steroids and the others include natural supplements – available in the market. Among the natural supplement, Glucosamine for dogs is the best product that largely helps canine suffering from arthritis. It is the most popular and widely used medicine and highly recommended by a veterinarian. Being an excellent and natural substitution to steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs), it has less or no side effects in pets.

Numerous studies show that glucosamine helps in reducing pain and inflammation in dogs and cats caused due to arthritis and helps slow degeneration of cartilage as pet ages. Extracted from shellfish, Glucosamine has been around for decades caring for the degraded bones. This natural supplement is very essential in making and repairing joint cartilage and easing the inflammation. Thus, giving Glucosamine to your pet helps repair damaged cartilage by increasing your pet’s supply of glucosamine.

Glucosamine is really an effective medicine for limiting the risk of arthritis. For more information on how this natural supplement works in your pet’s body, you can to our in-house Vet at Ask A Vet Section for Free.