Eye Care for Dogs

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Whether brown eyes, black eyes or hazel eyes of your dog, they do have to be cared and looked after for keeping them twinkling always. Dog eyes need proper care to avoid gunk formation and tear staining, which when not cleared leads to eye infection. Your little care and proper cleaning process can definitely keep your pooch’s eyes clean and infection free.

Find here how you can help your four-legged companion to have those beautiful and twinkling eyes free from eye infection.

How to recognize dirt or infection in dog’s eyes?

Eye discharge is normal in dog’s eyes. It just spreads in and around the eyes. However, you need to find that the gunk inside their eyes is not due to any medical issue. Some dogs may have excessive amount of eye discharge but you need to confirm that there is no possible eye problem.

Apart for heavy eye discharge, if your furry friend is facing some serious eye issues, he may suffer from

  • Cloudiness
  • Redness
  • Inflammation

If you notice any of these symptoms, along with bleeding in eyes, it’s crucial that you take your pooch to a vet. In such condition, never try to wipe or clean your dog’s eye until your vet directs you about proper eye treatment.

How to Clean Tear Stains on White fur?

Staining is a normal process in canines. If your dog’s fur is white or light blonde, he is prone to tear stains. This occurs when more tears accumulate near the eyes and discolor the surrounding area. This is common in breeds like poodles, cocker spaniels and shih tzus.

In these breeds, due to excessive staining, hair becomes coarse, which generally irritates their eyes. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean those spots whenever you see them, as they are the breeding ground for bacteria as long as the area remains damp.

Stain remover solution is available at all pet supplies store. This product helps you remove those stains quickly. You can even use lukewarm water to remove the stains.

If your pet has high amount of tear staining, better to consult a vet and find a specific treatment for your furry friend.

How to Remove Muck?

It’s good if your pet does not have any tear stains. To remove that muck inside the eyes, you should gently wipe around the eye, never directly on the eye’s surface. Specially treated eye wipes for dogs are available in the market that you can purchase for your pet.

Nevertheless, if you find any dirt or debris in your pooch’s eyes, you can easily remove it if it’s near corners. In case, dirt is not just at the corner, then you need to flush it out with the help of eye-wash. For your dog’s safety, don’t use any wash. Just invest in canine friendly eye solutions that are available in the market.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Clean?

We have seen that when your furry pet is having eye stains, you can keep them clean by routine eye cleaning treatment. However, for pets having gunk, you need to follow certain steps to reduce eye irritation along with eye infection.

  • When mowing a land, dusting or doing other activities keep your pets away. This will avoid excessive dirt or particles in air from getting in your pet’s eyes.
  • When going on a drive, don’t allow your pooch to hang his head out of a car window. It may be fun for your furry friend but the wind can carry allergic materials that can irritate his eyes and can cause infection.
  • Keep away all the house cleaning and other chemicals securely so that your pet doesn’t reach it. When exposed to such chemicals, pets may face certain eye infection, which may turn out to be dangerous. Moreover, when you are cleaning with such toxic chemicals, keep your pet out.
  • If your furry friend has too long hair coming into his eyes, make sure to trim hair around the eyes, in order to avoid them from coming into the eyes. This can lessen the risk of eye infection caused due to hair.

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