Do’s And Don’ts While Celebrating Easter with Your Pet

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You must be eagerly waiting to celebrate Easter with your furry bundle of joy but you need to be eggstra careful as it is the time when pets are at highest risk of indulging themselves into eating things that can choke them up or make them fall sick. On the contrary, you can rather engross your furry pal in activities that will strengthen your bond with him this Easter and make him feel special.

Do’s on Easter’s Day with Your Pet

Spend quality time

Time is what your dog or cat most covets from you. It is your attention and care that’s all that your pets require to make his/her day a fabulous one. Probably other days you stay quite busy with your office work and household chores but, on this day, spending time with your pet and cuddling him all day long can boost his energy for the rest of the week just like yours.

Buy a Gift

What can be a better way to show your love to your dog than gifting him a present?! You can pamper your pooch by buying him new soft bedding or a collar. Shopping some good treats or pet supplies can also be fun. A new toy which keeps him engrossed and intrigues for the rest of the day is also a good idea to make his day.

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Go for a Picnic

Is your dog fun loving and restless kind? Take him for a picnic and celebrate the rest of the day playing fetch or other dog games. For cat owners, it is best to provide good space to your kitty to perch and scratch by providing cat furniture like, scratching post or shelved cupboard.

Give Your Pet A Salon Treatment

Pampering can never go overboard when it comes to pets and kids. Try a salon session and give a good hair cut or massage that will relax your pet and make him/her feel special and cared.

Cook Him a Meal

A homemade meal is always a delicious and perfect way to celebrate Easter with your dog. You can check for recipes on the net or create something new with ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, peanut butter, etc. You can also make a good homemade treat but make sure not to overindulge your pet as it can create digestive issues.

Go On A Drive

Some dogs enjoy driving in a car. So, let him relax and chill staring out to the objects and sceneries as you drive past.

Don’ts on Easter Day with Your Pet

Easter Chocolate Eggs

Though easter eggs made of chocolate are the most appealing part of Easter’s day celebration but if your pet gulps any of them down, he can risk his life. Chocolate is highly poisonous to dogs because of the presence of Theobromine in it. It can cause heart problems and convulsions in dogs thus it is better if you avoid keeping them at a place where your pet can easily reach out.

Easter Lilies

You cannot think of celebrating Easters without any decorations with lilies or daffodils right? Well, you might not know this but daffodils are extremely poisonous to dogs, and lilies are highly toxic to cats. Therefore, it is better if you rather skip the decoration altogether or rather use other flowers or plants for decorating, this Easter.

Candies and Feasts

Mostly, people prefer having sugar free candies due to diet issues but these candies contain Xylitol that can cause Hypoglycemia in pets. It can lead to rather serious consequences like organ failure within an hour of ingestion.

These hazardous eatables can take your pet’s lives thus it is better if you chop them off from your list. Other than that, some human food that contains onions, garlic or raisins can also cause health issues in pets thus make sure your dog doesn’t eat away any of your food or even the table scraps to keep him safe this Easter.

Easter Grass

Easter grass though seems pretty for decorating the eggs in the basket, it can prove to be extremely hazardous to dogs and cats who love to explore and eat what comes in their way. If your pet ingests them by any chance, it can choke him badly so rather not use them. If at all you want to decorate your eggs with it, keep the basket at a place where your pet cannot reach.

What Else To Do on Easter?

Adopt a pet

If you don’t own a pet yet, Easter is the best occasion to bring home a companion that will change your life forever. We all know what a great stress busters pets make for!

Go For Community Service

Community service can never be a bad idea if you want to spend your day fruitfully. Lend a helping hand to the caretakers at pet shelters or organize a campaign to raise funds for them as most of them are in dire need of funds to manage the services they provide in shelters.

Indulge In Shopping

Well, Easter is all about celebrating the day as you and your pet like it and what else can be better than some retail therapy. Go out, indulge in some shopping or if you want to lazily enjoy at your home, online shopping stores are all at your service.

Easter is a special occasion when we all can finally unwind and relax with our family and pets. So, make sure you enjoy it to the bit. However, the only thing you should keep in mind amidst all the celebrations is to stay safe and keep your pets safe too!

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