Challenges and Solutions for Working from Home Pet Parents

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To pursue my passion and bring out all the best in me, I had decided to quit my 8 to 5 pm job and work at home with my pet Lucy playing around. But, unfortunately, it was not too late that I discovered that I had made an insane decision as it became too difficult to cope with freelance work and my doggy wrenching me to seek attention. The set of unexpected challenges as a newly self-employed freelancer and a pet owner has pushed me to find out all the possible ways to win this situation. These simple but effective ways have really helped me to reign over my work and my lovable companion and emerge out as a successful freelancer and a caring pet parent.

Creating New Situation

When I left job, I never thought how I gonna create a job environment at home and work continuously. I thought it is as easy as working at workstation. But, just in the initial days only, I had realized that things don’t work same at two different places and conditions. Lucy was always around to distract me and make me go mad. At times, I felt I would lose this game.

Nevertheless, an urge came to cope with this and create new environment to tackle this situation. I created a separate space in my home with all my work stuff – laptop, files, books, and more such office stationery. I made it possible that while working I can keep a watch on Lucy whereas she cannot enter this workspace. Well, it worked greatly.

Time Settings

Lucy is always barking and running around during mornings and evenings. It’s also time to feed her and take her for a walk. It became too difficult to concentrate on my work and complete my projects during these hours. So, I just dropped idea of working on assignments during mornings and evenings. I would happily feed Lucy in the morning while preparing my brunch and completing that laundry stuff or any other extra work at home. And, during evenings, I took her for walk and sometimes for shopping grocery. This definitely had given me much time to enjoy with my furry friend and complete my household work.

On the other hand, I kept afternoons for my freelance work. Afternoons gave me much time to focus on my work and complete my tasks as Lucy has her own time to take a nap or just enjoy drooling over.

New Attractions For Pet

At times, Lucy just wants me to play with her and she used to go on barking and barking until I attended. Even though I had to meet my deadline or send an urgent email to my client, I had to play with her, as poor Lucy never understood my priority. In such conditions, I used to get infuriated and even lost control over my mind. But, every problem has a solution. Eureka…Eureka…I found the way out of this! Just got those fluffy dog toys for Lucy to play along passing the time and dog treats to help her just enjoy chewing for long while I just reached my milestone.

Overall, I have been successful in finding ways to work at home with my pet enjoying every bit of a pet parenthood. At times, it has been a challenging task for me but at most, I made my way to have time with Lucy and see my income graph soar high.

So, what’s your challenges and how you cope with your work and lovely pet…  Just share in the comment box. 

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