Best Joint Care Practices to Prevent Arthritis in Dogs

Prevent Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a common disease in aging dogs. It is estimated that around one third of canines face this joint disorder in their aging years. They face mobility issues, hip dysplasia, lameness, irritation, joint swelling etc. There are two ways to keep away this problem – either treat it or prevent it. The latter is always beneficial for the pet and the pet parent. It is not only cost effective but adds more ‘healthy years’ to your pet’s life.

How to prevent arthritis in dogs?

One can prevent arthritis in dogs by forming a complete dog joint care schedule. You can do it after discussing with the vet. The vet can give complete guidance about the exercise routine, the food and the joint supplements needed for proper joint care of your pet. Once a plan is formulated, try to incorporate it in the pet’s routine life. Optimum joint care practices must be implemented in your pet’s routine health care regardless of his age.

Joint care practices to prevent arthritis in dogs:

Proper exercise routine: To avoid stiff legs and joints, it is important to keep your pet mobile. Their regular walks, moderate exercises and play sessions will keep the pet active and fit. It also helps in keeping their joints flexible. Swimming is another simple exercise that suits both healthy as well as arthritic pet. It is also very relaxing for the pet.

Talk to your vet about the physical activity session of your pet. If the dog is already, an arthritic patient then do not take him for longer walks or no need for heavy practice sessions. Just choose mild exercises with equal importance on relaxation.

Food: Food plays vital role in the pet’s growth and development. When you feed your pet healthy, nutritious food then it will help in strengthening his entire body. Fresh natural foods with lot of nutrients should be given priority over commercial dog food and treats that do no good to the pet. Select pet food that is devoid of chemicals and preservatives. Instead, choose something that builds up his joints and bones.

Diet supplements: Apart from exercise and food, it is important to include nutritional supplements for healthy joints. Joint supplements like Cosequin tablets are made up of glucosamine and chondroitin. Both are essential for cartilage building and synovial fluid formation for healthy joints in dogs. Given as an addition to food, these tablets are excellent nutritional supplements for joint fluid balance and cartilage structure building.

Glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs suits all breeds of dogs. Both these are effective enough to keep away arthritis from dogs that are genetically inclined towards joint problems. Joint supplements like Cosequin are available in capsules as well as chewable forms. You can give it directly in the pet’s mouth. Ask a vet about the dosage for initial treatment and then reduce the dosage to maintenance level.

Weight control: Another important aspect of keeping arthritis at bay is weight control of your pet. It is very logical that if the pet is hefty then it would put more strain on his joints. If he is fit and his weight is in control then he would face less wear and tear of joints. So, make sure you keep your pet’s weight in check. This can be done by keeping an eye over his food and by making him exercise on a regular basis.

With all these things under control, pet parents can certainly keep arthritis away from dogs. It is important to consult a vet and follow his advice for joint supplements. Your pet must be monitored repeatedly for healthy joints. This is it! With this, you are all set to keep your pet healthy, happy and fit!

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