Small Guide for Owning a Pet in a College

Small Guide for Owning a Pet in a College

A study conducted on students owning a pet suggests that college students may handle anxiety and stressful conditions better if they have a pet. Not limited to handling mental health, it seems that pets are a reservoir of joy and happiness that constantly replenishes the energy levels in youth. Moreover, owing pets at this tender age also inculcate in them significant life values like care, handling responsibility and strengthening bonds with the family and improving social connections.

Adding to this, from the student’s viewpoint, there are slews benefits of pets for College Students. Away in the dorms or hostels or their apartments, they are lonely, stressed, miss family members including their furry friends. However, considering pet ownership and making a decision whether to own a pet or not, they need to find the pros and cons of owning a pet when they are still into the college.

Considering the above advantages and disadvantages, you can decide which way to take. However, before committing to a pet, as a student you need to ask yourself the following questions.

Benefits of Pets for College Students

Are You Allowed To Have A Pet?

Normally, schools and rentals do not allow pets. First, enquire with your school or hostel whether you can keep a pet or not. Or find places where they allow to keep pets. Usually, students with certified mental support generally do not face such problems.

What Type Of Pet Can You Keep And Suits You?

You need to know about the type of pet you need to have and which are feasible for your lifestyles. Living in rentals or shelters, also consider which type of pet can go along with you. Where some shelters don’t allow dogs and cats, but they are ‘OKAY’ to pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, parakeets and fish.

Still Being A Student, Can You Afford To Take Care Of A Pet?

Surprisingly, pet investment is always huge where even small animal care can cost a magnanimous amount. So, you need to be honest with your financial status and spending habits. And, if you still want to trade along then affordable pet supplies with free shipping can help you in a big way. Also, you can look for pet insurance for saving an extra buck on the vaccinations and regular checkups.

Will You Have Enough Time For The Pet?

Like a human relationship, relationship with pets also requires quality time. Question yourself how much time can you spend with your furry kid. Would you be able to spend enough time with them that can strengthen the bond between you and improve your relationship?

Have You Considered How A Pet Could Affect Your Roommates?

Generally, a student may not live alone to save on the varied charges of rental spaces or in a hostel or dorm. Sharing a place with someone, you need to find out whether the person is tolerant to pet or not as some tend to be allergic to furry pals. However, pet-friendly campuses or rental homes are quite helpful as they allow accommodations for both you and your pet, and where pet-loving people live together.

As you read:

“A furry coat provides the safe abode full of life and happiness, which no expansive palace can shelter you. “ – Anonymous

So, as a student sometimes having another living being reliant on you, is happy to see you, making your presence more valuable for them. Pets do provide love, support and something more at the harder times like the pandemic.